Chapter 6

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[Rena's POV]

"I never thought he'd really kill you.....I didn't even thought he could do it that easily. With your experience as a mercenary you could've beaten him"

"I was surprised he was still moving and I was also surprised that he'd be dead easily with just Ignition Crow and Deadly Raid."

"Hmph never be too arrogant. We should inform Glave that Add is almost ready to battle him." 

"He still isn't. Because if Ara wasn't there he'd catch the Ignition Crow it self without seal of time and would be severely injured. I never intended to kill him but I thought I will injure so much but not to kill him so the seal of time won't activate."

"Smart but risky"

Rena and Raven continued to have a conversation until they reached the door of the Inn.

"I will apologize to the manager see you later"

"Yeah I'm going out too see ya"

As Rena was going to the manager's house, Raven was also heading off and only with a smile and a wave of goodbye 

[Elsword's POV]

That was intense. I never thought Add could be so fast onto saving himself and caring enough so save even his killer although Add had a bit of fun himself in punishing Raven. It was a terrifying sight to see. Raven's corpse on Rena's arms I never want to do that to Add

"Hey snap out of it!"

"Who what where what? What do you want Aisha?"

Ever since Aisha proclaimed herself as the elemental master she'd been too sensitive that it's annoying and cute at the same time

"The hell with it I'm heading out to spar with Lowe or something"

"Great I'll co- EEEEEEEP!"

 Aisha didn't finish her sentence when I pecked her cheeks and ran outside. It's funny and cute seeing her like this and by my experience she's gonna chase me


As expected.Oh wait this sin't what I expected she's very angry and she's blushing so hard. Well gotta run!

[Ain's POV] 

This is not as expected. I should have stopped them but Miss Elf stopped me why? That was too cruel of a test but somehow Mr.Ancient boy managed to defeat Mr.Half Nasod.....I must consult the Ishmael for guidance.

"Guys I-"

Oh wait most of the gang is not here so I can leave too right?

"If anyone is here I'll be leaving"

[Elesis's POV]

After I fell into Add's chest I suddenly passed out due to blood loss. Normal people would die by this but my body is used to it and regenerates blood a little quicker than normal people. After a while I slowly woke up to see Add and Ara and their lips almost met. I don't know why but I think I should stop this. I fell weird inside seeing him with Ara this close.


"Oh Elesis you're awake?"

"E-Elesiss it's not what it looks like!"

Add is still as oblivious as ever but Ara is acting strange....if you thought of it she's been like this with Add ever since she met him. What could be the reason....

"Do you like Add, Ara?"


And just like that she ran towards the door going off somewhere.....and Add's eyes were like (O_O) . Add laughed a little at me.

"Oh Elesis what a silly question to ask who would ever like me? I was a slave, became obsessed with a Nasod, failed my life's goal and destroyed dimentions due to rage. I'm literally the definition of Insane."    

He laughed as he always did and somehow I feel comfortable with him even if he's like this. Is it because of the Dark El I absorbed? Or do I just like his insanity?...

"Elesis...I never wanted this..."

"You never wanted me? us? the El gang?"

"No,it's just that this is unexpected even when I was being trained by Glave I was only motivated by seeing my Mother again but I failed so many times and I broke." 


His sclera's are slowly becoming black as he laughed even more but this time it's scares me a bit....

"Add snap out of it this is not you!"


Oh no he's gonna cast Moonlight Rhapsody I must stop this or I'll be killed

"Still Lenze"

I saw Add getting slashed and getting stabbed by Ain and somehow Add could'nt do a chat of his skill and couldn't do it then Ain hit the back of his neck then Add fainted

"I never should've left..."

"Ain I thought you left?"

"I did but I heard an insane laughter so I went back only to see Mr. Ancient boy gathering energy and chanting his skill. Do be careful Ms.Red Knight Captain he did protect you but The Esper  doesn't protect but only kill"


Six chapters about a day WOW I hate myself  

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