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Chapter Eight.
Kyle's Point of View.

"Why's she limping?"

Charlie nudged me with his elbow, and I followed his gaze with my own. We watched as Madeline limped through the hallway, her books clutched to her chest. I lifted my shoulders in a shrug as I looked at Charlie.

"How should I know?"

I asked him as my eyes strayed back to look at Madeline. It was a good question though; why was she limping? I leaned against my locker as I closed it, waiting for Charlie to finish at his own locker, which was beside mine. Charlie slammed his locker door shut and swung his rucksack onto his back.

"I dunno. I just thought you might have spoken to her is all."

We began to walk down the corridor to our third period class, double biology. I wished that I could ask Madeline why she was limping but we didn't have English today. I wondered if she would be in any of my other classes or not. I hoped she would be. Reaching the biology lab, Charlie pulled open the door. I hurried in before him, and scanned the room.

No way. She was in my biology class too? I was surprised, but it was a good kind of surprise. I looked at Charlie who rolled his eyes at me before speaking.

"Fine. Go sit with her."

"I didn't say anything!"

"You were going to."

"Yeah, probably."

I felt bad for leaving Charlie to go and sit with a girl but I'd make it up to him. I'd buy him a bar of chocolate or some sweets or something. He loved chocolate and sweet things. I was surprised that his teeth weren't all horrible and rotten by now. I thanked him quickly and headed off in Madeline's direction before someone else did. She had her arms folded on the table and her forehead was resting in the crook of her elbow.

I dropped my bag down on the desk, and she looked up. A surprised look flitted onto her features as recognition entered her eyes.


She whispered. I sat down on my stool, taking my folder and textbook from my bag before kicking my bag underneath the desk.


I replied, unable to keep the small smirk from my face.
Madeline placed her elbow on the table before propping her chin up on her hand.

"Didn't know you were in this class."

I commented awkwardly, drumming my fingers on the table as we awaited the arrival of our teacher. Mr Holden was always late. Madeline looked at me, lifting one of her shoulders in a half shrug.

"I could say the same to you."


Madeline smiled at that, but said nothing more as Mr Holden finally entered the room fifteen minutes after the bell had gone.

"Right class, sorry i'm late. I hear we have a new student, whoever you are raise your hand."

I glanced across at Madeline who slowly lifted her hand into the air. As soon as Mr Holden nodded his head at her, she dropped her hand back to the table.

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