Chapter 12

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Cupid raises an eyebrow.

"An army? A super-human army?"

"It seems so, old friend."

I slip the key into the lock and swing open his cell door. He strolls out into the dank corridor, straightening out his white, shirt sleeves.

"With gods' blood. Are you sure that would work?!"

I look pointedly at the bloody welt in my arm as my mind flits back to the monster that erupted from Jekyll's mind.

"Oh, I'm sure," I say.

Cupid grins wickedly. Then he looks around him.

"And can we expect any visits from whatever did that to you?"

"No. I handled it."

"Good, because you look terrible. And I don't think the whole bloody and beaten look works for me," he says. "It was someone injected with the ichor?"


Cupid's mouth drops open in an exaggerated manner. His ocean coloured eyes glint with amusement.

"Nooooo! No freaking way!"

Someone coughs behind me.

"Um, forgetting something?" says Klaus.

I turn to his cell. He's watching the two of us carefully with his brown eyes.

He's a human – not really much good to us.

He seems to realise what I'm thinking and steps towards the bars.

"Come on, mate. You're not going to leave me here."

"On the plus side, if you stay here, you could get some super powers!" says Cupid over my shoulder.

"If you leave me here and I get turned into a monster you two will be the first I'll go after," says Klaus, his expression darkening.

I slip my key into his lock and open the door.

"No need to be dramatic, friend," I say. "Come on, let's get out of here. We should probably be fast – I knocked out a few of the workers on my way here. I'd imagine they'll be coming after us soon. I'll come back for Jekyll later."

We begin to walk down the dark corridor, stepping over bits of rubble that I presume were caused the last time Jekyll transformed. I peer inside some of the cells – considering the merits of freeing the prisoners inside them.

But they look weak. I don't think they'll last long.

No use to either side of the war that is coming.

"Where are we going when we get out of here?" says Klaus.

I look at him darkly. It's a place I do not want to go, but I fear we must. If this organisation isn't shut down then things are going to get bad, fast.

"The Cupids Matchmaking Service," I say.

Cupid groans.

"Eugh. Do we have to?"


The Cupids Matchmaking Service is written in black letters across the front of the shop. A sign reading Not taking on any new clients at this time hangs from the door handle.

I raise an eyebrow at my dark reflection in the window – I've ripped off the sleeve of my white shirt to bandage up the deep wound left by the monster, and have to admit, I'm not looking my best.

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