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(Recap Freedom Book 1)

"I can't find a pulse! We have a full cardiac arrest! Richard Paddles now!"

One of the EMT ran to one if the ambulance and comes out with equipment which I'm guessing is the "paddles".

The EMT that I am guessing is Richard handed the other medic the paddles.

The man pulled open Lahlani's shirt and placed some sort of gel on her chest and stomach. Turning on the paddles he rubbed them together and said,

"Clear!" the man shouts and presses the paddles unto her causing her upper body jolt upwards. the medic placed his hand back over her neck looking for a pulse. he removes his hand again and yells,

"Still no pulse. Charging again. And 3, 2, 1, Clear!" the man removes the paddles once again. and placed his hand back over her neck once again trying to find a pulse.

(Recap Ended)

Emily's P. O. V.

3 and a half months later...............

"Daniel its been three months." I say letting out a sigh. Daniel and I are in the car with each other which is rare for me and him because him and I have brother sisters relationship where we hate each other most of the time.

"Why do I have to be the one to tell him about Lahlani you should've told him a long time ago all those time he was calling and you only answered once or twice in the past few months."

"Because I know that he is worried sick about Lahlani because we stopped answering his calls. He will break when I tell him what happened to her. And I can't stand to see him like that again. So you can tell him because I am not doing it. I've been trying to decide on if I should be the one to tell him for months now and now that we are going to go pick him up from the airport I've made my decision and that is that I am not going to tell him. That's final. Besides he might take it better coming from you."

"You know he won't either way he will be a mess. What ever get out of my car we are here..... So you ready to finally see our bro again after all these months?" Daniel says getting out of the car and walking to the gate with me close behind.

"No I'm just nervous and I feel really bad so let's not talk about this and go." I say walking ahead.

I stopped right in front of the gates. Already, seeing other militants being greeted by their families and the joy on their faces. But, not for us their is no joy in today especially when Nathan finds out about Lahlani.

We stood, their waiting to see Nathan for minuets. A few more seconds went by and a face came into view that I had missed so much the face that soon wouldn't be smiling anymore once he finds out what had happened to his girlfriend.

Daniel, jogged over to him giving him a bro hug. Nathan smile was shinning so bright this was what made me feel even more guilty.

Nathan came over and gave me hug also.
"I've missed you sis. Why so down?.... Where is Lahlani and mom thought they would've been here. Especially Lahlani she wouldn't have missed this."

"Um, uh... I'll be I'm the car." Is all I say before walking off to the car.

"What's up with her?"

"I will explain it to you in a few minutes we got to go somewhere first. Don't ask questions. Let's just go."

I here them say before I walk away.

Dawson's P. O. V.

We arrived at the hospital. Nathan asked a few questions here and their about Lahlani and why she hadn't been answering his calls but all I could tell him was that he would find out when we get to where we were going. I tried to steer the conversation in another direction by asking about his trip but he avoided the it and continued on about Lahlani.

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