Charlotte POV
I arrived at McGinnis Bar and Grill the next day. Though the bar was in a shady part of town, I felt pretty confident about the job. Resúme in hand, I walked in the bar. The bar was dark and empty. There were few patrons but they were asleep in the booths. "Ms. Boone!" I turned around and saw a tall, lanky man wearing a plaid shirt and brown pants staring at me with anticipation. "Hi! I'm Spencer." We introduced ourselves both and took a seat at a quiet table. "So tell me, Ms. Boone, what are your qualifications?" "Well, I'm going to be a freshman at John Jay College. I'm studying criminal justice with a psychology minor. And I've worked before at a restaurant in New Orleans before I moved here for college." I replied confidently. "Your references seen good. You look responsible and efficient and I'm more than-". The conversation was cut short when 3 men walked in. They were wearing dark Armani suits, red ties and each man had a gun on their side holsters. The man in the middle was very intimidating. He had slick brown hair, five o' clock shadow, and dark piercing brown eyes. His lips were full. He was so handsome but looked so mean. His eyes were dark anf empty. Heavy cologne filled the air. Shit, does he bathe in this? I thought. "Spencer! Get over here, now!" Spencer trembled when he got out of his chair. "Yes, Mr. Westworth?" "You still owe $5,000 for damage payments and safety. Where is the money?" Spencer looked downwards towards his shoes. "Please sir, the bar isn't making money like it used to. I need more time. Please." "Don't test me! I can have your entire world brought down in an instant." Westworth replied.  I looked at my phone and decided to leave. "Spencer, I'll just go and I'll call back another time." I said. Spencer nodded at me. The man looked at me with a murderous glare. "Stay where you are!" He yelled. I stood dead in my tracks. "Who the hell are you?" He demanded. "Charlotte Boone. Who the hell are you?" I replied. "How dare you speak the boss like that?!" His goon spoke. "Be quiet, Jimmy." "My name is Aiden Westworth. I'm not one who accepts disrespect from short and stupid girls!" My feelings weren't necessarily hurt; I've heard worse. "Listen here, you intimidating jerk! You don't scare me first all. Secondly, I'm not stupid. I happen to be hardworking, not lazy and  Spencer, I'll see you tomorrow morning. I'll be in at 11 tomorrow." I turned my head and walked away. I began crying after I walked out. I prayed for Spencer, hoping he would still be alive for tomorrow. I couldn't shake the feeling that Aiden was staring at me through my soul.

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