His Name is Alibaba

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It was a beautiful day, and the sun was shining brightly... which made Faith very grateful for the shade of the covering over the top of the cart they were riding in. The sun wasn't always your best friend when you were a natural ginger.

"Wow...! The city is so tiny from here, Ugo-kun, Faith!" Aladdin said excitedly.

"Are you headed to the neighboring city, too, young boy and young lady?" asked another one of the passengers, a mother who was traveling with her little girl.

"Sure are!" Aladdin replied cheerfully.

"Oh my! Taking such a journey alone?" the woman asked, concerned.

"But we're not alone! See?" Aladdin said proudly, showing her Ugo's flute.

"?" The woman was obviously confused, but smiled politely in response.


They all looked over to see that an apple core had been carelessly dropped on the floor of the cart.

"Hey! Quit moving around so much, kid, you're causing the dust to scatter," said the culprit, an obscenely fat man who was seated among a bunch of barrels with a tray of apples and a cup of wine. "Ugh! This place is cramped, and the kids are noisy. Aren't you going to do something about this, driver?" he complained loudly.

'Geez, there's one in every group...' Faith thought, annoyed with his bitching.

"My deepest apologies, sir!" said their driver, a teenage boy with blonde hair and amber eyes. "Sure my rates are cheap, but I always get the job done. Rest assured, I'll get you and your precious grape wine to the destination safe and sound! Okay?" he finished with a brilliant shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

"Damn straight!" said the fat man. "That wine is worth more than you'd earn in your miserable little life. Take your paws off my apples!" he snapped at Aladdin when the boy reached for one.

"Hey! Those apples are for the boss only!" the driver scolded the kid.

"Let me have one," said Aladdin.

"Do you have money, kid?"

"Nope, I don't."

"Then no touching," the driver said sternly. "He's got money, so he's also got apples, got it?"

"N-Not fair..." Aladdin cried, visibly wilting with disappointment.

"Just let him have one. Don't be so stingy... Alibobo," said Faith, already forgetting his name.

"It's Alibaba!" he snapped. "And we can talk apples when you've got a cure for your poverty! Right, sir?" Alibaba asked the fat man, sucking up to the money with all his might.

"Hahaha, you sure get it, don'tcha, driver?" said the rich fat man, laughing so obnoxiously hard that it made his chest jiggle. The familiar bouncing motion caught Aladdin's attention.

"I'll get some more apples," Alibaba told the fat man with a pleasant smile. 'Heh... Now this is the type of boss I like!' he thought as he reached around for another basket. 'Danger's at a minimum, payout at the maximum... As long as nothing dangerous happens, I'm going to get paid for sure!' When he turned back around with the basket of fresh apples, Alibaba was so shocked by what he saw that his mind completely emptied of all such thoughts. The blue-haired kid that had just been bugging him about the apples was now rubbing his face against the boss's chest fat and fondling it like no there was no tomorrow. Once he got over his initial shock, a vein popped on the boss's head. He looked seriously pissed! Alibaba paled as he dropped the apples.

"Oji-san? This is really weird..." said Aladdin. "You're a guy, but you have boobs! What's up with that?"

'Yeah, those are some huge bazoongas he's got there!' Faith thought, laughing so hard that her eyes had started to leak tears, and no sound was coming out of her mouth. It was so funny she couldn't breath!

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