Chapter 11| Forgotten Memories

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Danny flew down from the sky, with a blank expression. "Danny, where's Merial?" I questioned . "Merial-she's-she.... wanted to be with her mommy." Danny said slowly and not looking me in the eye. "wh-wh-...what?" I said with a expressionless emotion. This is Danny's fault! This is my fault!!! "DANNY!! THIS-....THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!" I said yelling almost screaming my head off "this- this.... is my fault, I should've listen and stayed out of the basement." I said as my voice broke. I flew up, and flew away. "NO wait, Y/N come back." I heard Danny said in the distance.

Danny's POV

Y/N flew away, and I'm here alone. "Danny! You're so stupid!" I said sitting/leaning against a tree. I looked down, knees up, and face in my elbows, elbows resting on my knees. "Why, Danny, why?". I said banging the back of my head against my tree. Then I saw this shining thing a few feet ahead of me. I grabbed it. "A pair of scissors?" I said frustrated. I could use it for defense. I swished the scissors to my left. I opened them, and pretended to cut the air. A portal opened up, WOAH! The portal was blue, and green, and "sniff, sniff" smells like home. "Y/N! I gotta find Y/N!!" I said flying up "Y/N!!! Y/N!!!"


I let out a few sniffs from crying. I steered to land in a tree. I landed on a thick branch, and sad down. Legs dangling, and eyes still damp from crying. "" I said almost impossible to hear. The Limbos came, "Welcome to the Land of No Return" I turned invisible, and looked down to the limbos passing by. And I saw Merial guiding all the limbos somewhere.... but where to? "Should we really let a kid, show us where the royal blood is?" I overheard a ghost say. "Up there!" Merial declared with confidence. As swiftly as I could I flew away, but a purple electric rope got wrapped around me. "AHHHHH!!!" I screeched in agonizing pain. "I know rope puns are knot for everyone, but this is too far!" I said blasting out of the rope. "POW" "BANG"

I turned around to see Danny with a pair of scissors in his hands. "I'll help you, kind miss!" Danny said proudly, and took my hand, and flew with me. "Danny, what's with the scissors?" I asked as we landed far away. "It's a way back home." Danny said as he was cutting the air? "Danny, that's a pair of scissor. A pair of sciss-ors." I said slowly. "No just wait-" "POW" The scissors got blasted out of Danny's hands "Hahahaha, well well well, Royalty blood, and the legendary scissors!" said a country-ish ghost "Today's my lucky day.". Powerful laser blasts shot out of my hand, "STAY AWAY!" I screamed.

"Darling, it's okay...It''s....okay" The ghost's words the words echoed, and faded away in my head over, and over again. It's okay?

Flashback to when Y/N was three

"My little halfa come back here! Don't run away from mommy, Imma get you." I saw my mom chase a younger me, with a white fluffy jumper, with red hearts all over.I remember this place the ghost zone station, where I grew up. I can still remember every detail. "I got you! Tickle, tickle, tickle. The tickle monster got you! Tickle, tickle, tickle!" My mom said tickling my baby belly. I can't help myself, but smile. "Y/M/N (your mom's name), For 72 months we have been in the ghost zone, and...and haven't gotten rid of that monster, that ghost!" My dad yelled, as he slammed the door. I-I remember this night, the fight....the words to a three year old. A child?! "Honey, please she's your daughter! She's beautiful, smart, and loving." My mom said trying to defend me. "SHE'S AN IDIOT! A GHOST, WITH POWERS THAT COULD DESTROY THE WORLD!! I...I SHOULD HAVE KILLED HER WHEN THE FIRST MIST CAME OUT OF ITS MOUTH!!!" my dad ran towards me. "No! It's not her fault that she's a ghost! I know the PI Test said her power is stronger than any other ghost, but she's a child, Y/D/N." My mom said picking me up, and putting me in my room. "It's okay... It's okay. My little halfa, it's okay. Mommys here.". She locked the door, and I heard yelling, and banging. I still remember....

End of Flashback

"Y/N!!!! STOP!!!" I heard Danny yell. As I got closer, and closer to the country ghosts. "Yes, darling, yes, come to me.".

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