chapter 13

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She heard yelling and bolted from Bianas room. Biana was running close behind as they made their way outside. Fitz was on the ground and Keefe was on top of him pinning him down while yelling at him.

"STOP!" Sophie yelled pulling Keefe off of the startled Fitz. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!"

"I was giving him a very loud lecture on how he shouldn't HURT YOU EVER!" he yelled the last part. Fitz looked at Sophie and she looked at him.

"Aren't they cute?" Biana asked Keefe, but he looked at her than back at them.

"I approve of you dating Sophie," Keefe finally said but he wiggled his finger in Fitz's face as he added on, "But don't hurt her."

"I won't hurt her." he stated as he looked back over Sophie, "Nothing will hurt her, I will protect her all that I can." Keefe looked at him and smiled.

"Good." Keefe wiggled his finger in his face one more time before he stepped back. Not to long after Della and Alden came running out of the house looking like something bad had happened.

"What happened?" Alden asked.

"Is anybody hurt?" Della asked.

"Nothing happened and nobody is hurt." all of them stated at the exact same time. Alden and Della cocked their heads not knowing what had just happened. Sophie smiled and before she knew it she was laughing. Not as hard as the previous night but still laughing. Everyone stared at her like she had gone crazy because she hardley laughs. Right after he looked at their shocked expressions he was laughing. Than they began laughing at each other laughing. Soon they remembered them laughing at the restaurant. Soon they were on the ground having a laugh attack. Than they stopped suddenly.

They looked at each other and high fived. "Finally we learned to stop laughing." they looked even more confused than before. "Well we tried to start laughing at the sleepover and than just stop laughing at the same time." she felt herself smile and for the first time in a long time she realized that she hasn't been thinking about everything ending and everyone dying. She felt like a normal teenager for once in her life and her smile only grew bigger and bigger every second she thought about how much she has achieved.

Fitz had a huge smile on his face too probably realizing how happy she was.

Fitz's pov
Sophies smile grew and he realized she was finally just happy. His smile grew at the thought of her being happy. She had always worried about them and barely had any fun. As Sophie and him sat there smiling somebody coughed. He had one last look at her beautiful smile before they looked up to see them all still staring at them.

"You guys are crazy," Biana stated as she pulled sophie to her feet. "Can you guys tell me about your date?" Everybody looked interested and Sophie and him looked at each other and nodded.

They were sitting in the living room but before they started to talk Sophies imparter rang. She walked out of the room and answered it. A few seconds later she poked her head through the door, "can grady and edaline come over because i still owe them an explanation?"

"Sure," Alden and Della said at the same time. Once Grady and Edaline were there they sat down. Grady gave Keefe a quick glance as his attention turned to sophie.

"Okay everyone knows they were on a date," Grady was about to say no but he couldn't because he expected that's where they were. "Now tell us the events from your date!" she looked super excited.

"We went for a walk," biana inturupted sophie.

"Was it a romantic walk? Were you guys holding hands? Did you guys kiss?" Biana stopped talking when Keefe covered her mouth. Fitz felt a little uncomfortable and Sophie looked uncomfortable.

"We walked than we went to eat." she paused thinking about that interesting super. Sophie smiled at the thought of people staring at them as they laughed. Her smile was still beautiful and he knew that he was probably one of the first people in the room to see that smile.

"What happened at the restaurant that made sophie smile like that?" Keefe asked as Sophie looked at him.

"Well, umm, let's just say that people were staring at us and we probably ruined a lot of peoples dinners." Sophie covered her mouth so she wouldn't laugh.

"What did you guys do?" Grady asked with anger and concern in his voice.

"We laughed," sophie said with a huge smile on her face.

"How did you ruin dinners by laughing?" Alden asked while others thought the same thing.

"We were laughing really hard, for a really long time." He said, "sophie was laughing so hard she was crying." fitz was now laughing. She looked at him laughing and she smiled at his craziness.

"Did you do anything after?" Biana asked.

"We went and looked at the stars, and we also danced." fitz spoke like he was tired. Not to long after sophie smiled at him and started to wave her arms all over the place. Fitz went red, and everybody now was staring at her confused.

"I am dancing." she stated as her arms were flying all over the place. He stared at her for a long moment before he joined in. With sophie it was always fun.

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