↜ Dustin Henderson

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Your schooldesk, sat in the corner, was comfortable for you. You kept your distance from your peers... or did they stay away from you? Either way, you were considered a "lone wolf".

You sat on your lonesome, reading a novel silently as classmates chattered to one another loudly. 

"Hello!" Someone tapped your book page, completely interrupting you. 

You jumped, startled by the sudden intrusion, "Hi?" You questioned, even though you wanted to make a statement.

"Y/N, right?" You looked up to see a boy, your age, standing over you.

You nodded, not enjoying how awkward the current situation was.

"I'm Dustin." He smiled.

Of course, you already knew his name. You were quiet; you observed instead of speaking.

"Yeah, I know that much." You giggled lightly, and Dustin did the same. 

"Anyway, you looked lonely. I wanted to change that for you." He said, while sitting down in the desk in front of you, his body twisted to stay facing you.

"Thank you, but you really don't have to stay back here with me," You looked over his shoulders, and his friends were looking back at you, "You can stay with your friends if you'd rather."

"No!" He exclaimed defensively, then calmed, "I mean- I 'd much rather stay back here with an amazing girl like yourself."

You felt a blush creep up on your cheeks, you haven't been complimented much before," Aw, Dustin. That means a lot to me, thank you."

"Anytime, cutie." He winked, and you laughed in response.

You and Dustin had acquired a friendship that could last a long time. 

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