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“ELSA MARIA WILLIAMS” Hanna yelled as I ran through her house, laughing my head off. “I can’t believe you right now” she said as she followed me. I had the phone to my ear and waiting for Michael to pick up. Voicemail for the fifth time. “Ugh. Michael I swear you are so dead when I get home” I cursed at the voicemail. “You’re lucky he didn’t pick up” I said as she hit me softly. “Why don’t you just tell him you like him?” I asked as I collapsed on the couch, she sighed as she joined me. “Because he as a girlfriend and I know he won’t like me back” She said sadly, I couldn’t help but smirk, knowing Michaels secret. “I recon you should talk to him about it” I said as I got up and started to get my things. “You never know” I said as I patted her shoulder. “Well I have to go, gotta make my video” I smiled as I opened the door. “Promise you won’t tell him. Please” she begged as she grabbed my arm. “Fine, fine” I laughed. “I pinky promise” I held out my pinky, she smiled as she linked them and then pulled me in for a hug. “Byyye” I smiled as I walked to my car. Hanna was one of my best friend, she had moved with me to London 5 years ago.

“Michael you ignorant swine” I yelled as I walked into the flat. “Why the hell didn’t you….” I stopped as I saw three familiar faces sitting on the couch. “Oh, hello” I smiled as I slowly walked in and stopped in front of them. “Hey” one of them said. “Where’s Michael?” I asked as I looked around. “He’s upstairs” the other one smiled. “Thanks” I smiled and ran up to Michaels room. I walked in and saw Michael looking under his bed. “Lost something?” I laughed as he hit his head on the bed. “Yeah, my phone” he said as he cursed and rubbed the back of his head. “So that’s why you didn’t answer my call or texts” I laughed as I helped him look. It was sitting right where I knew it would be sitting, right in sight on his desk. “You mean this phone?” I chuckled at him as he got up and snatched it out of my hand. “Yeah that one” he said as he lightly punched me on the arm. I laughed as I walked to my room and chucked my stuff down on my bed. I started to touch up my makeup and hair and then walked into my office. “What are you doing?” Michael asked as he followed me, “Well if you had checked your phone you would know” I teased, he poked his tongue out at me. “I’m filming a video for YouTube, it’s Tuesday, you know I always film on Tuesdays and upload on Wednesdays” I said as I set up the camera. Let’s just say I was Youtube famous, I had over 3 million subscribers and it had gotten me invited to a lot of events with celebrities and stuff. Mikey and I met a few years ago and have been best friends ever since. But we never really saw each other because of his touring. I knew he was in a band and listened to his music but I didn’t really know anything about his bandmates or which one was which, I knew what they looked like at least. “Oh yeah, well, the boys are here for the Avro so I’ll tell them to be quite” He smiled. “What’s your video going to be about today?” He asked leaning against the door frame. “To be honest, I have no idea. I was just going to talk about whatever today” I shrugged as I sat in the chair in front of the camera, “Any ideas?” I half smiled at him. He tapped his chin with his finger trying to think of an idea, then his eyes light up and he stood up straight. “What if we did the best friend tag?” he smiled. “That’s a great idea” I smiled. “But what about your friends?” I asked him. “They’ll be fine by themselves down stairs. I’ll just go tell them” he smiled as he ran downstairs. I grabbed my laptop and looked up the best friend tag and grabbed another chair for Michael. I made sure the camera was in focus and waited. I was soon joined by Michael and pressed record on the camera. “Hey, Hey guys” I smiled into the camera. “So today I was stuck for an idea for a video and then this guy sitting right next to me was like “Hey why don’t we do the best friend tag” and so here we are” I smiled at Michael. “Guys, I’d like you to meet my best friend Michael Clifford. Some of you may know him from the band 5 Seconds of Summer but I know him as the dork down the hall” I smiled, Michael smiled into the camera. The video went on with lots of laughter and a hell of a lot of bloopers. It took us about two hours to film it and by the time we were finished we were both hungry and tired. Michael went off to see if his friends were still alive and I started to edit the video, half an hour later I remembered I was hungry and ran downstairs to get a snack. I ran into the kitchen and found a very tall boy standing in there. “Uh hi” I said as I went to the cupboard to find something to eat. “Hi” he smiled back. “I’m Luke” he smiled, “Elsa” I smiled back as I grabbed some popcorn and popped it in the microwave. “Luke hurry up with the food” Michael said as he walked into the kitchen. “Oh hey Elmo” he smiled at me, I smiled back a huge grin before turning back to the microwave. “Is it ready yet?” a boy with really fluffy hair said followed by a very good looking tanned boy with black hair, I mean they were all good looking. “Oh hey” he smiled at me. “Hi” I smiled back. “Oh right, Elsa this is Ashton and Calum and you’ve already met Luke” He said as he pointed to each of the boys. “You know, my band” he smirked at me. “Oh right, hi” I smiled as I pulled the popcorn out of the microwave and poured it into a bowl. “Well it’s nice to meet you all” I smiled as I grabbed the bowl and started to head upstairs. “Where ya going Elmo?” Michael shouted from the kitchen. “To edit the video for tomorrow” I yelled back “And you’re taking all the popcorn?” he yelled back. “Hell yes” I yelled as I got to the top of the stairs. I heard the other boys laugh, “I like her” I heard Calum say with Luke and Ashton agreeing. I smiled to myself as sat down at my desk with my popcorn and began editing.

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