Black Hat x Reader (fluff?)

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"Dr. Flug! I didn't ask for this...piece of crap! What the hell!" Black hat says, anger in his voice. About to hit the young scientist "S-s-sorry sir! I'll r-redo it I s-swear!" Black hat puts his arm down slowly and grunts.

Demencia comes in and keeps hugging Black hat. His facial expression turn disgusted, and pushes Demencia away from him. She giggles and goes to 5.0.5 to play with him instead. Dr. Flug continues to redo his experiment for Black hat.

You come in, seeing the usual routine that everyone does everyday. And of course, Black hats nasty attitude. You can see that Dr Flug has been yelled at again. You shook your head and walked up to Black hat.

"Dude--I mean Sir, may you please stop yelling at this poor boy? He's been through enough lately. I've told you a million times and you don't listen.." Your eyes trail to Dr Flug "You okay, Flug?"

He looks up and gives a nervous thumbs up. You grin a little and Black hat scoffs "Whatever." "You know Black hat, you should learn how to be nice to people." He crosses his arms and says "and how am I supposed to do that? I'm a demon, y/n. Not human."

You both head into Black hats office. He sits down in his chair and you sat across from him and he continues "besides, you humans are weak and disgusting like Flug." "BLACK HAT! Stop saying mean stuff to him! What the fuck?!"

"Ah ah! language, little human~" you grunted and took a deep breath, trying to calm down "Look...I'm just saying Black hat. I know you're a villain and all. But at least be grateful that we are helping you with your 'evil plans' and stuff. Ya know?"

Black hat chuckles "this must be some sort of joke. You're funny, y/n." You face palmed, annoyed that Black hat is trying to avoid the topic. Almost about to give up on giving him advice about being nice.

"Just...stop acting like a dick, Black hat." He smirks "But I'm not shaped like one though~" "Yeah but you're trying to make yours bigger..~" You can see a dark blush coated across his cheeks "Hm, kinky much~?"

You giggled a little and straighten your hair. Black hat eyes you with those irresistible demon orbs. While you look back at him with your human (e/c) colored eyes.

(E/c= eye color)

"You know, y/n." Black hat starts, taking out a cigarette and a lighter. He lights the cigar up and puts it away. He inserts the cigar in his mouth and blows out smoke after he takes it out "'re lucky that you're my favorite assistant."

You raised a brow "r-really? What about Dr. Flug?" He scoffs "yeah sure...he's my favorite too. Whatever. But, you're different. I don't know how to explain this. Or...what's that one word called when a person likes another person?"

You stayed silent for a few seconds. Knew what he meant. A blush forms your cheeks and you were about to answer but then Black hat cuts you off "Oh...right! I love you." You blush even more. Those words that just came out from his mouth.

You never heard him say 'love' before. But you were glad to be the first one to hear him say it. Black hat makes a loud sigh and tips his hat down, feeling embarrassed "ugh...I shouldn't have said that. These feelings are really...weird." He throws his cigar away.

You stood up and walk up to him. He puts his head down, his face resting his crossed arms. You smiled and rubbed his back "It's normal, Black hat. Those feelings you have for me is normal. But, for me it is. I don't know about you demons."

Black hat replied, muffling "Well, this demon has some feelings. Guess I'm a little different. Usually, demons as myself don't give a shit. Or feel sorry for others." "Gee, you're only nice to me, but not Flug, Demencia, or 5.0.5."

He looks up at you "it's because they're shitheads." "That's not true. Don't say that." He smirks "Well, I already said it so what's the point?" "Ah! Black hat you goof!" You spin his chair, facing towards you and you connect your lips with his.

He didn't reply, sitting there shocked. Black hat can't decide if he should deny. He doesn't give a fuck anymore and kiss back "That's my Black hat~" you whispered. You can feel him smirking and he brings you closer.

You yelped and giggled at the sudden pull. You both start to make out right there on that chair. As you both were kissing for almost 2 minutes, Black hat starts to trail down to your neck "Oh Black hat don't do it...~"

"Hm...I wonder where your soft spot is~" Black hat nipped on a certain spot and you moaned out loud. He covers your mouth and looks at you "'re gonna disturb my minions~"

He continues to tease that spot and you kept muffling moans and sighs. There were some parts where he bit you a little too hard with his sharp teeth. It made you bleed a little and he licks his off "Mmmmm, tasty~"

"Oh fuck Black hat~" you muffled out "you have blood fetish for that." "Agh shut up y/n." He uncovers your mouth and you giggle, looking at him. He looks back at you with a soft look and you pressed your forehead against his.

You smooched that area and whisper "I love you too, Black hat~" he grins and hugs you.

(Ahhhh sorry if it looks short. I wrote this at midnight and I'm supposed to be asleep XD)

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