Baby put on a show for me

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     Brendon had to admit something. He was really horny. And he wanted something from his boyfriend Ryan.When he got home he found Ryan on the couch in a pair of panties and an oversized pink sweater on. He got even more turned on but he didn't want to make Ryan feel he was just using him. So he would always have to jack off later in the bathroom.

    Ryan heard his boyfriend come in the house and jumped up from the couch. "Hi Brenny!!" Brendon jumped from the sudden hello and simply greeted Ryan back. Ryan pouted, "No hug or kiss?" Brendon sighed and grabbed Ryan's face and connected their lips shortly. He didn't want to try any sexual action on Ryan, mostly because Ryan wasn't used to that yet.

     Brendon swiftly made his way to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Ryan whined and flapped his baggy sleeves. "Brenny that was barely anything," Ryan cried. Brendon groaned while making his food, "Well what do you want Ryan?"

     "I-I don't know I just wanted more kisses," Ryan spoke softly. Brendon nodded and turned to face his adorable boyfriend. God he looks so innocent and I really want to do dirty things to him but that's not right Brendon thought. Ryan walked to over Brendon's space and attacked his lips. Brendon was very shocked at Ryan's actions, especially when Ryan shoved his tongue in Brendon's mouth.

     Brendon returned the affection and wrapped his arms around Ryan's waist. Ryan moaned and bucked his hips on Brendon's crotch. Brendon groaned and became even harder. Ryan continued rolling and grinding his hips on Brendon's crotch. "A-Are you trying to give me a show babe?" Ryan smirked, "M-Maybe..."

    Brendon smiled and grabbed Ryan's hand and led them to the table. Brendon pulled out a chair and placed in the middle of the living room. Brendon also played very seductive upbeat music to set the mood. Brendon sat down in the chair and beckoned Ryan over. "I want you to give me a sexy lap dance. If you do good then you get a reward got it?" Ryan nodded excitedly for he had never done this. Ryan sat down on Brendon's lap facing him.

     Ryan began moving his hips in circles making sure to apply pressure on Brendon's area. Brendon groaned and grabbed the other boy's ass. Ryan started to buck his hips to the beat of the background music. "Hmm you're so good at this baby," Brendon groaned. Ryan blushed and continued to work his hips on Brendon's crotch. Brendon was surprised how good Ryan was into the movements and dance. As the music played Brendon slid his hands up and down Ryan's thighs. He slid his hands to Ryan's panties and took a strap in his fingers. He pulled it and let it snap against Ryan's skin again. Ryan squeaked and bucked his hips harder against Brendon.

    Brendon moaned and soon the music ended. Brendon nodded and Ryan soon got off of his lap. Brendon put the chair back and turned the stereo off. He walked to Ryan and kissed him on the lips lustfully. Ryan moaned and Brendon pulled away. "You've been a good boy so you get a reward in the bedroom."

    Brendon quickly picked Ryan up bridal style and carried them to their bedroom. Ryan was giggling awaiting his reward for tonight.

      I got tired and lazy so again I apologize if it's kinda short...

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