Chapter Twenty Six

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I sit on the closed toilet seat with my arms wrapped around my knees and and head resting on top of my knees. 

"Aubrey? Are you up here?" I hear Lance ask softly from the other side of the door.

I stay silent as a fresh set of tears make there way down my cheeks. 

"Aub, I know you're in there. I know you aren't okay either. I feel your sadness. What's wrong?" Lance asks.

I stay quiet as I walk over to the door and throw it open. Seeing Lance there with a desperate look on his face causes me to crumble into him.

Lance wraps his arms around my waist as we sit on the floor, my head resting on his chest.

"What's wrong, Aubrey?" Lance asks after a few minutes as he soothingly rubs my back. 

"Let's go for a walk?" I suggest, praying that he would say yes.

"Are you sure?" Lance asks, pulling back and locking eyes with me.

I nod and stand up. 

I take his hand into mine as we walk down the beach, my shoes in my other hand.

"Lance, I-I have to tell you something." I finally say.

Lance stops and turns to me. I drop my shoes as he does and he takes my hands into mine.

"You can tell me anything, sweetheart." Lance tells me seriously.

"I know I can. But I am scared. I've never been this scared in my entire life. I don't want to ruin this for you either. We also really haven't talk-"

But I get cut off by Lance kissing me.

"Whatever it is, it'll be okay. We'll get through it. You and I." Lance says in a whisper.

I take a deep breath in and then out.

"I am pregnant." I barely whisper, looking at the ground.

"What?" Lance asks, placing his finger on my chin and raises it up, causing me to look at him.

"I am pregnant." I say again with a smile now.

Next second, I am spinning around with Lance smiling like a fool with his hands on my hips.

"That's fantastic. This is fantastic. You're carrying my pup." Lance says, stilling grinning as his hands are on my stomach.

I nod as new tears make there way down my cheek.

"Why were you scared to tell me, sweetheart?"

"Because we haven't really talked about when we were going to have pups. We just got married only a few weeks ago." I reply.

"Sweetheart, this is fantastic news. Sure we really didn't talk about it. But it happened for a reason. And sure we didn't get more time to ourselves, but that's alright. Everything happens for a reason." Lance replies as he places his lips on mine. 

"I am happy that you're happy." I state.


Lance drops to his knees and places his ear on my stomach.

"How far along are you?" Lance asks.

"I think three weeks? I almost four weeks. I believe it happened on the night I made you Alpha of Dark Moon." I say thinking back to three weeks ago.

"We've had it since then! We've could've hurt the pup. I know we only have a week left, but we have to get you and the pup checked out. Make sure we didn't harm the pup." Lance says swiftly.

I place my hands on his shoulders. 

"Lance, the pup is fine. I can feel it. Besides, my body protects the baby." I state seriously.


"Lance, we only have one more week. I promise you that it'll be fine. This will be the only vacation we have until who knows how long. I am going to enjoy it to the fullest. Besides, I haven't had any alcohol because I sorta guessed that I was carrying. I am surprised you didn't smell my change of scent." I state. 

"I-I" Lance start, but I cut him off with a kiss. 

"Don't worry about it, my love." I whisper, then kiss him again.


Some of you might remember the book Kathrine I had published. Twelve chapters into writing her story I become very un-happy with how her story was turning out and I had lost my spark to write her story. After giving it her some space I have decided to start fresh. Below you'll find the new and improved synopsis of Kathrine

Thank you for the support♥

I remember walking happily with my parents and brother. One minute everything was peaceful and calm. We were happy, as a family should be. The next second I remember pain exploding from my right arm and being thrown to the ground left to die. I remember the feel of air causing more pain to erupt throughout my entire body as my brother ran carrying me away from the ear - piercing screams our parents.

That's all I remember from the death of parents.

My main reminder, the long scar on my right arm that starts on my shoulder and makes it's way down to my elbow.


Five years after Kathrine was born her parents got ripped away from her and Niks from a jealous rage. Stumbling upon The World Protectors, they quickly take the young siblings in as their own. Fifteen years after their initial arrival, Kathrine is the most feared Werewolf known to all species and most feared person in the human world, her brother being second.

In hopes of getting the siblings removed permanently, betrayal costs Niks getting captured on what was suppose to be a simple mission. Not hesitating a second, Kathrine goes to rescue Niks from the strongest pack with partner Vincent. What was suppose to be a simple rescue mission takes a turn for the worse when the Alpha of said pack utters the one world Kathrine prayed she would never hear, "Mate."

What happens when her Mate won't release her only blood relative until Kathrine agrees to stay with him and give him a chance to be what she needs and more. Will Kathrine sacrifice her brother to continue avenging their parents death and continue saving others from pain? Or will she sacrifice everything she has worked so hard for in the past fifteen years for a chance at love and her own happiness?



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