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Kevin scrunched up his nose as he noticed Scott's grip loosening on Mitch's forearm by the minute. He knew he could move fast enough to jump off the branch, take Mitch from Scott's grip, jump behind Scott and take off running to the other side of the cliff where he could hide for just enough time until nightfall came and he could get back to the house. He calculated how long it would take in order to get Mitch and run on the inside of his head. He then looked back up at Scott's dark blue eyes. 

Mitch's vision slowly came back to him and he looked around, noticing where he was and where he was being held over. His eyes went wide when he saw the bottom of cliff and his heart started beating rapidly in his chest, only doing what he thought he could to get free. He uncurled his legs and he brought his left fist away from him before slamming it against Scott's crotch as hard as he could. He felt his forearm be free and he started to fall towards the cliff, his left hand grabbed onto the bark of the branch and he gasped in pain, jerking his hand back and reaching up with his right hand instead. 

Kevin took off running and he jumped over Scott who was crouched down, bending down to grab Mitch's right hand and pull him back into his arms. He ran down the branch, trying not to jostle Mitch around as he did so, looking behind him every few seconds, his breathing picking up as he practically felt Scott on his tail. Once he got to the end of the branch, Kevin took a sharp turn, having to drop his hand from Mitch's legs to use the ground as leverage to make sure he didn't trip. 

It wasn't long until Kevin felt he was far enough into the mysterious forest to lose Scott and he stopped by a random tree, setting Mitch down gently and resting his back against the tree before sliding down against it. He felt a small weight on his lap and saw Mitch sitting on top of him, curling into his chest and closing his eyes. The sun started to set and the orange sky peeked through the leaves and a few sun rays landed on Mitch's cheeks and warmed him up, the feelings making Mitch 

Once Kevin's breathing was back to normal, he stood from his spot on the ground and carefully lifted Mitch up and continued to walk through the forest until the sun fully set and he found a hidden crave created by the roots of the many trees that laid around. He carefully crawled into the cave and laid on his back with Mitch tucked into his side. He fell asleep to Mitch's soft snores, a blur of blond hair in his line of sight before he drifted off to sleep.


Scott set Mitch down on their bed, making sure he was tucked in before walking back out of the room and out the front door, grabbing Avi's axe while he was at it. He made his way back to the cliff, staring at the other side where he knew Kevin still was. He stared at it for a moment before climbing up the tree he had caught Mitch and Kevin at, standing at the base of the branch and swinging the axe down onto it. Pieces of the bark flew in Scott's direction and landed near his face, Scott shrugging it off and bringing the axe up and down again. He repeated the process until he saw the sun light peeking through the leaves.  He felt the branch cracking once Scott was two thirds away from chopping it off. 

Scott glanced towards the other end of the branch, seeing a dark figure running towards him. He confirmed it was Kevin and flexed his muscles as he brought the axe down multiple times to hurry and get the branch to break. Once he felt the branch shaking from the loss of support, he jumped off of it and turned around to see the branch falling and hitting the ground before snapping off the other end. He saw Kevin stop running in order to keep his balance before he kept running, hoping to get to the end of the branch before it continued to fall down the cliff. 

Scott turned as Kevin continued to get closer to the end and he dropped the axe so it wouldn't slow him down as he ran. The ground shook, indicating the branch breaking the dirt on the cliff and falling, Scott having to jump over roots in order not to trip due to the shaking. Once he far enough, Scott stopped running and he started to walk. After a good few minutes of walking, Scott stopped in his tracks, turning his head to the side before turning around. He felt a rock hard fist collide with the side of his head and the force caused him to fall to the ground. 


Mitch jumped as he felt Avi shaking him awake and he nearly punched him due to how scared he was. "What the fuck, Avi!" Mitch yelled and he scooted away from him. 

"Where are Scott and Kevin at?" Avi asked, pulling Mitch up to his feet. 

"I don't- what?" Mitch wondered and he looked around him, seeing the bed and the room. He then realized where he was and he pushed himself away from Avi. He was glad he still had his shoes on and he rushed out of the room, pounding on Kirstie and Jeremy's bedroom door before -literally- jumping down the flight of stairs to the lower level of the house and busting out of the front door and started heading towards the forest. 

Mitch heard everyone running after him and Avi was eventually in front of him when Kevin and Scott came into view, both of them throwing punches towards each other. Jeremy sped up his running and pushed Mitch out of the way, both him and Avi tackling Scott and Kevin off of each other. Mitch  stopped running and he covered his mouth, flinching when Kirstie bumped into his back. 

Both Scott and Kevin had at least one black eye, their noses dripping blood and gashes were either on the sides of their heads or somewhere on their jaw. Jeremy hooked his arms under Scott's armpits and kept him from moving, Kevin had too tired to resist Avi's hold so he just shook himself from the grip and spit out the blood that gathered in his mouth. 

Mitch hurried over and he placed his hands on Kevin's chest to get him to look down. The silence that rung through the air caused Scott to squirm and he forced himself out of Jeremy's grip, nearly running over to punch Kevin again but stopped when Mitch turned around and gave him the meanest stare he's ever seen Mitch give him. 

Mitch shook his head and he held his arms out to attempt to keep Scott away from Kevin. He held in a breath, watching as Scott wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He heard Scott's lips smack and his eyes gave off a dangerous aroma and suddenly, he was on the ground, his hands covering his nose that was pouring blood. 

Scott's name was screamed and Mitch looked up, first seeing Jeremy running forward to grab Scott but his wrist was grabbed and twisted. Scott easily lifted Jeremy into the air and he threw him towards the ground, sensing Kevin behind him. He turned around and straightened his hand, bringing it down against the back of Kevin's neck and watching as he fell to the ground. 

Avi was next, going to throw a punch but before he could get grabbed, he ducked and used the advantage to drop kick Scott and wrap one hand around Scott's neck to push him into the dirt. Scott fought off the three men as best as he could, seeing Mitch standing up and running towards the house with Kirstie. He tried to escape Jeremy and Avi's hold but failed, watching Mitch and Kirstie leave his view. 


Mitch brought down the door to the attic and he climbed up the stairs, his hands leaving dark red prints on the wood. He crawled on the wood and found a box, pulling it towards him and opening it. 

"Hurry, Mitch, they might be here soon." 

Mitch heard Kirstie call to him and hurried to find the phone he was looking for. He turned it on and was happy it was still charged. He then grabbed a flare gun and picked up three flares and tossed them down to Kirstie. He climbed down from the attic and unlocked the phone, turning on the location receiver and hoping to find some signal.

"Fuck." He whispered and started walking across the halls. Once he had one bar of service, he quickly dialed up 9-1-1, hesitating to bring it up to his ear. 

"Mitch, do it. We just do our time and everything will be back to normal." Kirstie said when she noticed Mitch's concern. 

Mitch went to respond but jumped when a voice came over the other end of the phone. 

"9-1-1, what's your emergency." 

Mitch took in a deep breath before bringing the phone up to his ear. 


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