Part 15~Sollux~"WHAT THE FUCK, CAPTOR!?"

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______'s P.O.V.

"N-no Sol..." I squeaked. But he just kept going. He started grinding against me. I tried to scoot away, but he nipped my neck hard, making me freeze. "You aren't going anywhere, my 2weet little honey bee." He smirked, picked me up and carried me to my room and layed me on the bed. "Eheheh." He grinned. He bit at that spot making it darker than it was. "God damn it.." *I can't get away from these boys... it's like they can't stay away from me. One after the other. No fucking breaks.* By the time I was broken out of my thoughts I was already in my underwear with Sollux licking my stomach. *He couldn't have just waited?* I accidentally moaned louder than I should have when he got to my abdomen. "Eheheheh you like, ______?" I blushed and bit my lip. He covered my eyes for a few seconds "WHAT THE FUCK, CAPTOR?!" He chuckled and uncovered my eyes. The next thing I knew I was being prodded in both my entrances. "Wh-What the fuck???!" I looked down to see two, not one, but two bulges. I squeaked and blushed hard. *It's true...*. He smiled and made his way into me. "A-ahh! Sol p-please.." He stopped and kissed me. "It'2 not hurting that bad i2 it?"

"A little..." We rested a bit then I motioned for him to continue. He finally made it in as far as he could go and started thrusting. The more he thrust, the more pleasurable it became. He was hitting both spots at the same time. Which made me buck harder and faster with every thrust. I dug my nails into his back and he groaned with pain but at the same time pleasure. He thrust a few more times before filling both my entrances with his warm, yellow cum.


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