Chapter Eight ~ Chubs

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Chapter Eight ~ Chubs

Ava Chance

Hurry up, I'm freezing. -Cooper

Opening my window, I found Cooper standing holding his next rock he would throw at my window. I was still tired as I tried to hold back a yawn and rubbed my eyes from the glaring light of the street lights.

"Cooper, what are you doing here?"

"Juliet, oh, Juliet."

"Shut up!" I hissed, afraid my grandma would come in any second and ruin me.

"Calm down, Kitty," he smirked. "Move."

"What?" I looked around myself afraid for a murder, burglar, or spider to be there.

"Just move away from the window," he calmly ordered.

If he's calm, then there must not be a spider or he's just great at acting...


"Unless you want to wake the neighbours, move."

With a huff, I pushed away from the window sill, walking backwards until my heel hit the footboard of my bed.

"Cooper, what are you doing?" I semi-yelled, the very same moment I heard him running. Was he leaving?

Scurrying towards the window, I saw Cooper's hands were suddenly gripping the window with the rest of his body dangling beneath him.


"A little help, Chubs?"

"Excuse me?" I exclaimed, faking outrage.


"You did not just call me Chubs?"

"Oh, I did - but enough of that. A little hel-"

"Just for that I'm not helping you anymore," I smirked, walking away from him as he helplessly hung there.

"Ava wait, no - please!"


"Ava please. Shit shortcake."


"Kitty, I'll do anything-"

"Anything?" Suddenly I was interested in what he had to say so I took a few extra steps towards him.

"Yes for God's sake. Help me-"

"Pinky swear?" I leaned over the window at him with my pinky out.


"Do you pinky swear you'll do anything I want?"

"Fuck." He groaned when I gave him a disapproving look. "Okay, Yes. I pinky swear."

I held out my pinky, waiting for him to accept.

"Ava, come on."

"You have to pinky swear."

"I'm a little tied up right now," he growled.

"Cooper, unless you want to be hanging there for the rest of the night, pinky swear."

"Fine." Next Cooper hastily ungripped his left hand from the window sill and his large pinky connected with my smaller one.

"Your fingers aren't crossed are they?" I asked curiously as I peered around him.

"AVA!" He growled. Like really growled.

"Okay, okay. Who got your panties in a twist?" I snickered as I helped pull him through the window.

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