Pregnancy Test

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Chapter 3

'Guys I need to tell you something.' I texted them. We were all on kik in a group chat. We were talking about cheer tryouts after school.

Shanna- 'Go ahead.'

'Okay so I think I might be pregnant. I had sex like two weeks ago at my party and I haven't gotten my period. I'm not totally sure, but I want to get a pregnancy test after tryouts just to make sure. Will you guys come with me to the pharmacy?'

'I will.' Shanna and Aneliz texted.

Tiffany- 'I will too, but I'm really disappointed in you! Why would you get yourself pregnant! I can't believe you Kelly. You are ruining your life! You are the 'IT' girl and your ruining that! Who's the father anyway!? Do you not know, god your such a slut!'

I stared stunned at the text and didn't even reply. I turned it off and put my head down.

After school- Cheer tryouts

"Are you still trying out?!" Tiffany asked obviously still upset with me.

I didn't care, because I was pissed at her. She called me a slut...

"Do I still have to tryout? I only came because Kelly wanted all of us to tryout with her."

"I don't even know if I'm pregnant so chill out. Aneliz do whatever you want, don't tryout I could hardly give a fuck anymore. You guys are suppose to be supporting me, but I guess not. One bad thing happens and you guys just leave." I pulled out my tight high socks and fixed my ponytail then I jogged over to where everyone was.

The captain and co-captains where sitting at a table whispering and giggling. The rest of the team where in the bleachers talking and texting.

"Oh kay guys sign your name and start stretching," Katie yelled standing up from her spot in the middle.

Katie was the cliche high school girl. She dates the head of the football team, she's blonde, blue eyes, dumb, has a nice body, total bitch, total slut and pretty popular girl at school (for her bad reputation, of doing anyone) Katie HATED me! I was always her competition. I of course always beat her; cheerleading was no exception and I was here to prove it. She's 19 and a senior...

I'm Clover. Clover Kelly Johnson, but everyone calls me Kelly. I date the head of the soccer team (on and off), I have red hair (dyed) about two inches past my shoulders, brown eyes with tanned skin. I'm pretty smart, and I have great body as everyone says. I'm a bitch when I want to be, and yet everyone likes me. I'm the most popular girl at school. I'm 16 and a sophomore.

"Hmmmmm Clover looks like your up first." Katie smiled knowing I didn't like being called that.

"Of course slut." I turned my back to her. "Or world you rather be called whore?" I turned my head smirking.

Everyone was listening as they stretched.

Katie glared at me and put on the music. "One... Two... Three... Four..."

'I'm out the door with dro on the keys
Scooping up Chris and I'm hitting the freeway
Yeah, got a whole zip of that purp
Got a couple hoes home with no clothes on
Cause they roll on us, let's twerk
Now we hotboxin' that Ghost, Ace all in that do'
Ray Bans in my face, never know when my eyes low'

'Five... Six... Seven... Eight...' I counted in my head and started dancing. When I was done people started cheering and I looked at Katie's face. I smirked and walked over to the girls on the bleachers. I passed my phone around so they could put their numbers in. Katie's two clones did the same and one of them put her number in my phone.

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