⚜ Creatures of the Night ⚜

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Creatures of the Night

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##### Synopsis #####


Arsene left them─her group of friends that she’s always been with since she was a toddler─so that she can save their newest and youngest member from the danger and darkness that always follows them. But it’s no use; everywhere they go, they're always haunted by the enemies of their past. Until the child that she was suppose to protect died in front of her.

Losing her purpose of life while trying to get away from her enemies, Arsene once again encounters her not-so-long-time-not-seen friends. But two years has passed, and everything has changed. Not just their appearances, but also their feelings. Only one remains: love. They still loved her, and she still cared for them. The only thing that stops them from their sweet reunion and her coming back is their group leader, Shana, whose anger overpowers her from letting Arsene into their lives again.

But fate has its own way for reconnecting their team ─a new dark force is alliancing themselves to destroy the peace Arsene’s friends have been trying to keep in those past two years. It's something that she used to protected too. And to stop it, they will have to reunite once again to face the evil lord.

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