Chapter 5: Well...this is new

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Dedicated to the lovely AlexandriaLopes19  who has been lovin' on my story from the very beginning! thanks hun C:

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And yes Viktor is played by James Franco *waggles eyebrows*

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oh  yeah and Peyton is played by Laim hemsworth (I couldnt think of anyone else lol)

btw, Peyton aka S7Y F0X is a techno Dj alot like today's Dead Mau5 or Skrillex C:

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Auctioned hearts (c) Nankaimo


Demyan’s eyes settled on Peyton with the most intense glare yet. I looked at Peyton, surprised that he hadn’t frozen over by that blizzard of a glare. The air was getting tense and Peyton crossed his arms looking back while raising an eyebrow and snickering, obviously not taking Demyan seriously.

Somehow I doubt that kid takes anyone seriously…

Deyman’s jaw tightened and he took strides over to Peyton. In one swift move he grabbed Peyton's shirt and shoved him backwards. Peyton took a couple steps back to regain his balance. Now Demyan took a couple of strides closer and glared down at Peyton who glared back. Demyan smirked, obviously pleased with himself for pissing Peyton off.


Demyan scoffed.

“You were in the way.”

Peyton’s sea blue eyes narrowed at the innuendo that was as clear as daylight.

Woww, Damyan, the reason he’s so pissed off that Peyton interrupted our ‘moment.'

I rolled my eyes scoffing.

“In the way of what? As I see it the girl doesn’t seem to like you too much.”

Peyton turned to me.

“Ain’t that right sweetie?”

He winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

“I could say the same to you…”

Demyan said slowly back to Peyton letting the words burn into him. Peyton glared at Demyan.

I noticed people were starting to stop and whisper things. Some of them were taking out their phones snapping pictures. This was getting bad. I put my hands on both of their shoulder’s.

“Guys you’re creating a scene! Stop!”

I whispered to them frantically. They didn’t even notice me. I was starting to get pissed.


I waved my hand in between them but they kept glaring at each other. I settled on glaring at them with my hand on my hip.

Ugh, wow, I can’t breathe with all this testosterone in the air….I knew I should’ve brought a gas mask!

“Peyton, you dipshit!!”

A angry voice yelled. A man approached us he looked a lot like Demyan but his facial features hinted more flirty than serious unlike Demyan's. He seemed a couple years older and he had dark brown eyes that looked almost black. He was also taller than Demyan and had more prominent cheek bones. The man’s eyes widened when he saw me with them. The gears in his brain started rolling. His obsidian eyes narrowed and his smirk grew wider. Sauntering over to me he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me close.

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