Untamed [A Niall Horan Romance]

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I grabbed the platter with six drinks balancing on top of it and squeezed through all the different tables with the same kind of people occupying them, careful to avoid drunks spilling their drinks and bachelorette parties taking body shots sprawled across the tables. When I reached the table, I set down the drinks while the drunken men wolf whistled at me and eyed me up and down to relish in the two-sizes-too-small uniform my boss has me wear.

                "Thank you baby," A slur came out of one of their mouths, and the man himself licked his lips and smirked at me. "So, what are you doing tonight, huh? Pretty girl like you shouldn't have to be alone."

                I grimaced and smiled politely. "Going home to see my kid."

                His smirk fell, and he coughed and then turned to his friends, ignoring my presence, just like I expected the second I said 'kid'. I don't have a kid, but telling all the drunk forty-something year old men at the bar seems to be the only way they'll lay off for five minutes - until they have more shots and then try it again. I swerved through all the people in the bar once again, checking the clock every ten seconds to see how much closer I was to going home.

                My shift ended in ten minutes, but it felt like ten years. I served seven more tables and dropped the 'kid' bomb four more times before the night was over and I was free from job number one until, in twelve hours, I started job number two. I worked at a bar at night and a café in the morning, usually leaving me a few hours in the afternoon to take care of my only priority - and no, it wasn't my kid; it was my younger sister.

                She was fourteen and has been living with me the since the second I turned eighteen. Her name was Annabelle and she had the most gorgeous blue eyes that she got from her no-good-alcoholic-and-druggie father, while I relished in my green eyes that I inherited from the mother I've never met. We were on our own here in California until I saved up enough money to move to Florida, where we would be with our aunt and uncle, who had taken the place of our parents when we were younger.

                I pushed the doors open and stepped outside, inhaling a deep breath of fresh, brisk air before I hurried to my car. It was a record low of sixty degrees - a perk of living in California, where it barely gets cold - and gave me the slap in the face to wake me up that I was looking for. As quickly as I could, I drove home, flooded with guilt for coming home so late on a school night. Annabelle had trouble sleeping a lot, which half has to do with her nightmares and half has to do with me not being there when she woke up from one of her night terrors.

                By the time I got to the apartment, it was midnight and pitch black outside. I went up to our room and walked in quietly, having silence and darkness welcome me - a sign that Annabelle was probably asleep, and hopefully will be able to sleep through the night. I tip-toed into her room to find her passed out on her bed, her light brown hair covering her face and a blanket loosely covering her tiny body.

                "Goodnight, Anna," I whispered into the darkness, and then left her room.


this may or may not be continued. leave comments and feedback please to tell me what you think :) i'm kind of excited to be starting another story, so let me know if you'll be interested or not!

(sorry its been so long for me to upload anything!!)

Also: cover was made by the lovely niallerlover234!

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