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dolls―we were bound to be forgotten once our owner finally moved into teenage phase. we would either be thrown into the dump or being put inside a box, bumping each other and suffocate to death―literally. but what else we could do? our mouth was sewn firmly, making a smile although it wasn't how we felt. as much as we wanted to confess our feelings, we would never ever have the ability to do so.

and today was a judgment day for me. let's see if my owner would throw me away or kept me in the storage. but most likely, the first option has bigger chance, and i was right. on the rainy day, they threw me into the dump, just like that, as if i was never there cheering for them before.

it was no longer affection that was poured to me; it was the water from the sky, causing my entire body to drench. some droplets dropped in my eyes as it slowly trickled down to my cheeks, as if it could understand my feelings very well. this was the end of my journey. i wasn't that doll that kids would be fond of anymore. the stitches which sewn my lips started to loosen and the line was slowly fading.

i was just a broken toy who's waiting to be recycled, it was the only way for me to be useful once again. my only hope was to be recycled into something useful; not an useless doll whose body was made from cotton and fabric.

"hey there." suddenly, i saw someone was hovering above me, wearing a raincoat and an umbrella was on his hand. he stared down at me, with a sympathetic look.

"you are.. broken." he stared at me, slowly grabbing me from the dump.

"let me fix you."


Omg this story is rly weird actually ~.~ but i just had to write it lmao :") (i finished this fanfic like in two hrs) it will have 6 chaps! Enjoy reading <3

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