Author's Note!

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*A chapter is literally coming in like five minutes, so I need y'all to get hype for me real quick! 😂🤘🏼👏🏼

But I needed to address a couple of things really quick. Domestic violence survivors are not dumb to have stayed with their abusers, they are not stupid.

I started writing this book with the intentions of bringing awareness to the fact that it can happen to young people and it can happen to strong people. Being put in the situations that I have placed my characters in does not make them weak, and if anyone reading this has gone through something similar I know it did not make you weak either.

Abuse happens in stages and I'm sure most of you all know the signs. I'm just asking that you be polite to my characters 😂, but most importantly understand that these situations are real and someone may be reading who can connect a lot to what our beautiful main character has been through.

NOOOWWWW! Y'all I been writing so darn much lately! So if we can get above the average amount of votes and comments on the next chapter (Look back a couple chapters to see how we've been doing), I'll drop another chapter as soon as my Bishop says benediction at 2:30 😭. Come on bruh we can do this, we can get more than 30 votes on a chapter my love! Alright, read away. ♥️

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