Not Your Average Cinderella (One Direction)

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"Move it, freak!"

Someone bumps into me hard. My books fly out of my arms and I land on the hard tile floor.

Well, isn't this a great way to start the day. I'm sprawled out in the middle of the hallway. Other students avoiding the hallway because Princess Jenny is going after her first victim of the day.

Lucky me.

A bright pink stiletto enters my vision. "You're in my way." She kicks my books farther from me.

Oh how I hate this girl. But I cannot snap back at her. I don't need her running off to her mom again. She got me grounded for two weeks. All because I wouldn't let her cheat off our mid term exam.

"You should just drop out. No one likes you here." Jenny cackles. "You're worthless and pathetic. You're not even a little pretty." She laughs along with her group before sashaying down the hallway.

I sit up on the floor and watch as my step sister walks away. Jenny is my step sister. You would think, with us being family, Jenny wouldn't hate me.

Why does she hate me? No clue.

It wasn't my fault my dad somehow fell in love with her evil mother. Then my dad died five years ago in a car crash. My birth mother never wanted anything to do with me, so I was stuck with my new wicked witch of a step mother.

You could think of me to be like Cinderella. Except I'm not that pretty and I do not have a prince to come save me. I'm alone in this world.

I stand up and brush my clothes off. I hate this school. Only a year left. I grab my books off the dirty floor.

One class period left. I can do this. Seventh period is my favorite class of the day. I'm a teacher assistant in the library. Mrs. Collins absolutely loves me. She let's me sit in the back room and do whatever I want. Which usually consists of doing my homework and listening to my iPod. Sometimes I write songs.

The tardy bell rings as I walk in the library building. This building is huge, but what do you expect from a private school. The library is a whole three stories. I normally go up to the third floor and to the back room.

"Hello, dear." Mrs. Collins greets me from behind her desk.

Mrs. Collins is an elderly woman in her eighties. She has short, white hair that rests above her shoulders. She is the kindest woman I have ever met. She doesn't care that no one in the school likes me. Or that I'm a complete loner.

"Do you need me to do anything?" I ask adjusting the books in my arms.

Mrs. Collins waves her hand at me. "Oh no, dear. Go do your homework."

I smile at her before heading for the stairs. I pass a few students, but they completely ignore me. I've never had true friends. All thanks to my lovely step sister.

I walk past the book shelves to the back room. I shut the door and set my books and my bag down on the table. This room used to be used for old files. All the files were moved to the first floor, though. So now, this room is all mine.

I grab my math book and my binder. Time to start my homework. I never get time at home. I'm always doing something for the Queen or Princess. I pull my iPod and headphones out of my pocket. I click on shuffle and The Downtown Fiction fills my ears.

"Arielle? Arielle, wake up." Someone shakes my shoulder gently. I open my eyes to see Mrs. Collins above me.

Oh no! I fell asleep!

I start closing all of my books in a hurry. "What time is it?"