[14] Her Best Friend

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Previously on Agents:

"The rarest type of magicks is..."


Third Person

  Hyria paused for a full 15 seconds. A single tear escaped but she wiped it away before anyone noticed.

Her voice shook slightly. "...T-the rarest type of magicks i-is phoenix magicks."

   Tears ran down Hyria's face, but she wiped them off and acted though as nothing happened.

"The reason why it's so rare is because only one bloodline possessed this magicks." Even more tears spilled. "The Phoenixes of Ru'aun."

"Mrs. Hyria?" Asked Kawaii~chan. "Why are you crying?"

"N-no reason. I-I... I have to go. You can get ready for your next class." Then she left.

Jess' POV

   I followed Hyria out of the classroom. She ran into the bathroom and went into a stall. I  heard crying.

"Hyria? Hyria?" I knocked on the door. "Hyria, are you okay?!"

"Yes, Phoenix... I'm fine... I'm just... peeing!" Her voice cracked when she said my 'name'.

"We both know that you're just using that as an excuse so nobody will worry about you." I replied. "Hyria, just tell me what's going on. You can trust me."

   Suddenly I get pulled into the stall. Hyria put a translucent purple bubble around us.

"F-fine... I guess I should tell you. Lady Irene and I, we used to be good... no, best friends. When she died, I never really got over it... I don't think her team could, either..."

   Wait... best friends? That means that she was included in the letter mom wrote...

"Oh... I see... wait, did you say 'team'?"

"Oh, pretend I never said that. It's... classified information."

"Hyria, can I tell you something, and promise to keep it a secret?"

"O-of course, Phe."

"Wellllllll....." I trailed off. She raised an eyebrow. "IkindamaybeJessicaPhoenixthedaughterofLadyIreneandIreadahiddenletterfromherthatsaidthatyouwerethebestfriendshecouldeveraskfor."

"What? Slow down."

"I kkkkkiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnddddaaaa mmmmaaaaa--"

"Not that slow, dear." She laughed.

"I kinda may be Jessica Phoenix the daughter of Lady Irene and I read a hidden letter from her that said that you were the best friend she could ever ask for." I said in one breath. "And also I'm a spy."

"Jessica? Oh, it's been a long time since I last saw you. Well, besides in school. So you followed your mother's footsteps and became a spy, huh?" I nodded. "Oh, you should get going now. You're already late, and don't worry, your secret's safe with me, Phoenix."

"Thanks Hyria! Also, what was that bubble for?"

"So nobody can hear us."

"Okay, bye!" I yelled, running to my next class.

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