[13] Meeting FC & Magicks Class

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Previously on Agents:

Oh my Irene...

He's right through this door.


   Alright Jess. You can do this. You're only meeting your best friend for the first time in real life, no big deal.

   I slowly opened the door and saw a pretty tall guy. Tan, black hair. He turned around. FC was...

"AARON?!" I blurted out loud. "How do I know you're the real FC?"

"Well, your role is the healer in the game we play. You were the only person willing to go to dungeons with me." He smirked.

Oh my gosh he is FC...

   We spent the rest of lunch period talking together. Occasionally we would get a weird look from a student or two, but it didn't really matter.

   The bell rung soon. Just as I was going to enter magicks and alchemy, my stomach growled loudly.

Right, I haven't eaten yet...

   I sighed loudly and entered the classroom. We had a lecture about the types of magicks.

"Alright class, can you name some types of magicks?" Mrs. Hyria asked. "I'll be explaining the rarer magicks if you know any."

"Healing magicks!"

"Teleportation magicks!"

"Elemental magicks."

"Destruction magicks!"

"Creation magicks."

"Hybrid magicks! Rossome!" I facepalmed.

Hyria glanced at Ross for a split second. "Very good Weeniebutt. Hybrid magicks is quite a rare type of magicks. Only hybrids, excluding meif'wa and werewolves, possess this."

   Hyria went on about hybrid magicks then started to explain the rest of the rare magicks.

"Before I go on to the rarest type of magicks, Weeniebutt. Not many know about hybrid magicks existing. Are you a hybrid?"

(I still can't get over the hilariousness of Ross' fake name XD)

"I-I, uhh, uhmmm..." he stuttered.

   Ross nervously glanced around. I mean, being a hybrid myself, I understand why.

   Humans are not exactly... fond of hybrids. I mean, to this day, humans still dislike my mom for being a hybrid even though she's already dead.

"Uhm, maybe I shouldn't ask that question. Moving on!" Hyria said, realizing what she said. "The rarest type of magicks is..."

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