Chapter 9

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"Elliott,Liv,Fin,a Nick and Munch, we got a rape victim down at mercy name is Daniella.

Elliott and Liv drove together like old times and the other men drove together.

They asked the nurse what room she was in, she said only a female should go in right now.

Olivia opened the door and saw a familiar face looking back at her ut she couldnt place where she knew her from.

"Hi my name is O-" she was cut off by the woman, "Olivia, Olivia Benson" Olivia stood there shocked. How did this woman know her was the only thing she could think of. "Are the boys with you, i wanna see them again its been awhile" Daniella said. "Let me go get them" Olivia said half shocked half creeped out.

"Umm the woman asked for 'the boys' she wants to see you guys again" Olivia said trying to see if the would understand.

When the boys walked in with Olivia behind them Elliott, Fin and Munch were shocked. "Dani?" They all said together.

"Yea, its me that son of a bitch attacked me too" Dani said.

"Olivia meet Dani Beck, El's old partner." Fin said still shocked.

"So you're Dani" Olivia said shaking Dani's hand.

Just then Cragen walked in with a little girl named Eden running in front. "I couldn't stop her"Cragen tried to lie. "Hey cap?" Fin said. "Yea" "didn't you forget your standing in a room with 5 detectives" Fin said trying to make everyone laugh which succeed. "Lets get out of here" Dani said standing up with her daughter Eden in her hands.

Olivia invited everyone over that night for dinner.

Eden,Eli,Paisley, Taylor,Dickie and Lizzie played in the playroom at the Benson house while the adults talked.

"So,Dani you kept Eden." Elliott questioned. "After that night in the hospital, I couldn't leave her" Dani said as she looked at her watch that showed 11.

Everyone cleared out by 11:30 carrying their half asleep kids.

The next morning it was like Detective Daycare at the pericent. Everyone wanted to work on the case so Elliott brought his two older girls Maureen and Cathleen to watch all 5 kids in the cribs. But the parents did most of the work because they were to busy on their phones.

"We got it"Olivia yelled "Jake Brett was picked up for dealing guess what they found on him. "Mine,Dani's,Amanda's and A-A-Alex's DNA"

Everyone turned around at Alex's name.

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