Chapter 1

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A/N: this is a sequel of fear of falling in love ( Killua x Reader ) so be sure to read that first then, comeback to read this or you'll be confused. Hope you like it!

Now to the story.


Warning! This chapter might be a little sad.

Shocking Reality


Killua and I have been dating for a year now and I can't be more happy. Of course we always stick together with Gon, while Kurapika and Leorio is doing their own business. Kurapika is still working as a bodyguard and Leorio he managed to achieve his dreams of becoming a doctor.

We are now walking together to see if there's an adventure waiting for us. It's starting to get boring, " it's boring there's no challenge! " I whined. I heard chuckle beside me I turn to see Killua and Gon chuckling at my childish behavior

" *pout* what so funny? " " you're Y/N " Killua said chuckling while wrapping his arms around my shoulder from behind. " am not " " are too " " am not! " " are too! " " am- oh whatever " they just giggle.

" seriously though guys, I'm bored " I say. " yeah me too, there's nothing to do " Killua agreed. " guys just consider it a vacation, cause you know we've been fighting the past months. Lets take a break " " you're right Gon " " guys, I missed H/N ( hometown name). Especially my grandma. Come to think of it I haven't visit her in a while " " then what are we waiting for, lets go visit your grandma "

I cheered " okay!!! " we then went to harbor and bought a ticket.

We are on a ship to H/N, " I can't wait to get there, I missed my grandma so much " "be patient Y/N, it isn't that far anymore. We should be able to see the land any minute now " and Killua was right, a few minutes later I saw the land.

Just as the ship reached the land I quickly step out. I then took of running to where my home is. " Y/N wait up!!! " I heard Killua yell. " hurry up you guys. I wanna reach home as soon as possible " I yelled back while running backward. I faced forward again and sprint faster.

" grandmaa!!! I'm here!!! I'm home!!! " I continue to yell. But I didn't see or hear her coming out nor responding. I came to a stop. ' something isn't right, grandma usually respond ' I thought worriedly. " gosh Y/N you're a fast runner" I heard Gon yelled while catching up. Killua mumbled a 'yeah' out of breath.

Killua approach me " what's wrong Y/N? I thought you said you wanna see your grandma as soon as possible, why did you stop now? " " it's too quite Killua, something doesn't feel right " " what do you mean? " I ignore his question and continue walking towards my house.

I try opening the door to see it isn't lock. " that's weird, grandma never forget to lock the door " I walked in with Gon and Killua close behind. " where could she be? it's too quiet here " I say to no one in particular, but the others hear it anyway. " Y/N me and Gon will be outside for a bit, 'Kay? " I heard Killua said. I turn to him and nod. I went to the living room knowing that's where my grandma spend most of her time, I wasn't prepared for the sight in front of me. My eyes widened in shock and I collapse on my knee, with my hands covering my trembling mouth.

' no, no, no t-this can't be happening ' everything is covered in blood, and in the middle of the room lays my grandma, lifeless. I shook my head not taking reality and my hand grip hard on my hair. " no, no, no this isn't real, it can't be happening " I start to scream " this can't be happening !!!! " I scream louder.

I heard running footsteps coming the where I am. " Y/N I heard you screaming! What's-" Killua stopped mid sentence as he see the sight. Gon stopped dead in his track. Killua ran to me and cover me from the view with his body in front of me hugging me " shhh, Y/N it's okay. I'm here " he tries to comfort me but I won't budge. "This can't be happening!!! " I get out of his hug and ran away.

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