Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

They arrived at Wayne Manor with five minutes to spare. As soon as Iris stopped, Alfred was coming down the stairs and opened her door for her.

"Lady Potter, I'm glad you have been able to join us here at Wayne Manor. May I take your bags please?" Alfred asked as she had immediately moved to get Albus and Lily out of their car seats and to help Teddy and James out of their's. Iris smiled and shook her head.

She gestured to the large diaper bag and her purse. "That's all that I have at the moment. The rest is being shipped here by my lawyer."

Alfred grabbed those and gestured for the woman and her children to follow him inside the manor. "Follow me and I'll take you to your rooms to get settled."

They were led through winding hallways and up stairs until they stopped in front of set of doors. "Lady Potter, this is your suite of rooms that also has three separate bedrooms that Master Wayne had taken the liberty to convert two of the rooms in rooms for your children. And you have your own private bathroom and living room for all of you in case you want some alone time. I'll leave you and the little Masters to get settled in while I go and inform Master Bruce and Master Richard that you have arrived. Lunch will be served within the hour and either myself or one of the Masters will come to escort you all to the dining room."

Iris smiled at the elderly man. "Thank you, Alfred. And you don't have to call me Lady Potter, Iris should suffice."

Alfred just smiled and bowed his head before walking down the hall. Iris turned to her eldest two whom were fidgeting in order to keep still and to not wonder off and explore unless their mother gave the okay.

"Okay, little ones, why don't we explore our new home? Starting with our rooms."

With large grins and with giggles erupting from the family of five, they quickly settled in.

And later that night after the children were put to sleep, Iris went looking for her cousin. They hadn't been able to talk that much during lunch as her children had taken up most of her time. She had just entered an office that had a faint light coming through the doorway just in time to see Bruce coming from behind a grandfather clock with a few dark bruises on his face.

He didn't notice her standing there as he walked towards the door until she spoke.


He turned swiftly and his dark blue eyes met her emerald ones.

"Iris? What are you doing here?"

"I came looking for you, because we need to talk. I came in here becaue I saw the light and I just saw you coming out from behind the clock.. Bruce, who are you?"

Iris was scared of the answer. She knew that she wouldn't be able to withstand the crushing blow that would come if it came to light that this cousin was also crazy and dark in nature.

Bruce sighed and ran a strong hand through his black messy hair in defeat.

"You really want to know?" Iris hesitated, thinking it over. In her youth, she hated it when things were kept from her, and that extended into adulthood, but she had learned that sometimes ignorance is bliss. But she knew that she couldn't be kept in the dark about something like this, especially when her children were in the house. She nodded and watched as Bruce turned back to the clock and fiddled with it for a moment before it opened again and gestured for her to follow him down into the depths.

Iris hesitated once again but knew that if she got into any trouble or problems that she could call for Bilbo, her house elf, to help get her and the children the h*ll outta dodge.

She followed him down the dark steps for what seemed like hours to her as the anticipation was killing her. But finally a faint glow ahead of them lit up the bottom of the steps and revealed a large cavern that had high tech computers, vehicles, and other things around.

Iris turned her awed attention from her surroundings and onto her cousin who was watching her with a blank face.

"What is all this, Bruce?"

"You asked whom I am, Iris, and this is who I am."

"I don't understand."

Bruce sighed but led her over to some display cases that held what looked like costumes. One was in green, red, and yellow, as well as black and looked like it was made for a child. While the other was clearly made for an adult, with different tones of black and gray, and a unmistable familiar mask. Iris gasped and turned around to look at Bruce who was standing behind her and to the side with his arms crossed and watching her reaction.

"Do you understand now?"

Iris nodded. "Y-You're Batman."


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