Students; Slytherin

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Malcolm Baddock: (A Slytherin student) Malcolm means "disciple of St. Columba," a sixth century Irish saint who established a convent on the island of Iona. Columba means "dove." Baddock is unknown.

Millicent Bulstrode: The first name is derived from Norman French and ultimately the German Amalaswinth, or "work strength." Bulstrode is a variation of Bolstridge or Boulstridge. A reader, Nick Boulstridge, said on the Message Boards that his name is derived from Boulstroude, and means "bull stride," as in riding a bull, and was first established in 1077.

Vincent Crabbe: His last name is probably a variation of crab, a small, round crustacean with two large claws in front, or informal English for a grumpy person. Vincent means "conqueror" or "victor."

Marcus Flint: Marcus means "brave" or "warlike." A flint is a hard, fine-grained type of quartz that when struck by steel, produces sparks to start fires.

Gregory Goyle: His last name is probably from "gargoyle," small monsters used to decorate buildings. The Gargouille also was a legendary water monster living in the River Seine in Paris, France. The smaller gargoyles sometimes were in the Gargouille's image and were used as downspouts. Goyle's first name means "watchman," appropriate for an informal bodyguard.

Draco Malfoy: Draco is from the Latin word for dragon. Malfoy is from the French, mal foi, "bad faith."

Blaise Zabini: The name name Blaise in French and Old English means "stutter." Zabini is an Italian name.

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