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Indian people save all the grocery plastic bags because they are repurposed as trash can liners in their houses.

Note: Stop saying 'no' or 'why do you include this in your book'. Your no or your friend circle's no doesn't change the whole India out there. It's good that you've cool friends who talk about bands instead of saas-bahu serials. It's good that they aren't as kamine as mine are. It's good to know that you don't have a family like mine or aunties like mine. But it doesn't change that fact that the other 28 people agree with me. I won't remove it from my book.

I try really hard to post relatable stuff. If I didn't, my book would be a rant book instead of Indian stuff book (and maybe it would be X rated too because I have many puns written on my left sleeve and they aren't as innocent as dozen tamatar). So please, you don't relate, good, move on to the next chapter.

I am not being rude but after sometime it gets annoying when someone says that they don't relate to my book.

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