Chapter Thirty Seven

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"There's a hole in my heart, my soul is bleeding..." — Kelly Price

What was to be a day of rest and peace quickly turned into a day of disaster and turmoil. The authorities showed up outside of Mason's apartment building and neighbors directed them up to the eighth floor where they found Jelissa laying unconscious, Jacob Jr. with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, and Amber as the only witness. Sean had slipped away taking Mason with him and made a vow to meet his family at the hospital later in the day after everything would die down.

At the hospital Amber gave a woman behind the desk in the emergency room Jelissa's and Jake's contact information before disappearing into one of many waiting rooms. Guilt loomed over her head as she felt like back at the apartment she could have helped Jelissa fight off Mason had she not been such a coward.

Fifteen minutes later Amber spotted Jacob Sr. and Angela walking through the sliding doors of the hospital and stood up as she caught their eyes and they approached her, "Amber what's going on? Where's Jelissa?" She shook her head as she tried to stop the tears that were rolling down her face, "It was Mason... you should talk to their doctors." She pointed them in the direction of the desk.

Two Hours Later

Sean finally showed up with August trailing behind him and August felt heartbroken at the sight of his girlfriend in the hospital bed with stitches above her top lip and bruises around her eye and on her cheek looking swollen to a point of nearly being unrecognizable but he tried to hold himself together. He wanted to hurt somebody, and he wanted that somebody to be the person who had his girlfriend laying up in the hospital dipping in and out of consciousness.

"Who's this?" Angela inquired with a raised brow as Sean and August entered the hospital room. "How you doing ma'am my name's August. I'm... a friend." They all took seats on opposite sides of the hospital bed waiting for Jelissa to wake up when Sean spoke up.

"So, who's gonna call Janessa?" He posed, and Angela stood with an attitude written all over her face, "We don't need to call that —" Jacob cut her off, "I'm calling her." "No you aren't." She challenged as she watched her husband pull his cellphone from his pocket. "I said I'm calling her.


I stood in the kitchen pulling my cake out of the oven that I had baked for Jelissa and Jacob Jr.  today. I hadn't seen my little cupcake in so long and I was scheduled to go over there and surprise her a little later. Keenan walked in the kitchen sticking his finger into the icing and licking it off and I popped his hand, "Why must you be so impatient, honey?" He chuckled as I wiped the sweat off of my brow using my sleeve of my t-shirt when my phone started ringing. "Would you get that for me?"

He picked up my phone and handed it to me, "Hello?" I held my device between my shoulder and ear. "Janessa are you on your way to the house?" I smiled at the sound of my dad's voice, "Not yet, I was just starting to ice this cake why what's up?" I put down my piping bag and licked a bit off icing off of my thumb.

"Jelissa and Jacob are both in the hospital and I think you should get down here as soon as possible," I gasped and placed a hand on the counter looking up at Keenan, "What happened?"

"I'm not sure exactly what happened but Jelissa got into it with that no good boy Mason and Jake's been um... he's been shot." My mouth fell open as I felt my knees buckle but Keenan grabbed me by the arm holding me up. "You need to get down here and I think we all need to have a very serious talk. We'll be waiting." I heard the line go dead as Keenan turned me towards him, "Babe what happened?" He pushed my hair behind my ears while holding my hands in his face causing me to look him in the eye and the tears beating at the brim of my eyes threatened to fall.

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