Death Eaters

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Voldemort/Tom Ridde LEADER: Voldemort is French for "flight of death." Tom Marvolo Riddle was made into the anagram "I am Lord Voldemort." An anagram is one or more words that can be rearranged into new words or phrases. A riddle is a clever puzzle asked as a question or something that can't be explained. Tom proved to be this in life and in projected form through his diary. To riddle also means to pierce with numerous holes. Thomas means "twin" (see Dean Thomas). Marvolo is like marvel, (1) to be amazed or astonshed by something, or (2) a thing that causes wonder. (From Latin mirabilis, "wonderful," from mirari, to wonder.)

Mulciber: A Death Eater. May refer to Mulciber (Hephaestus), the gentle son of Zeus and Hera who had a club foot and was a craftsman and balcksmith in Greek mythology. More likely Rowling n refers to Mulciber, a character in John Milton's Paradise Lost, a story based on mankind falling into sin and the struggle of heaven and hell. Mulciber was a fallen angel who is the architect of Pandemonium, the capital of Hell and home to the demons' council.

Peter Pettigrew: Peter is from the Greek petros, or rock. This may refer to his loyalty to Lord Voldemort as being like a rock. Pettigrew is a real name, but it suggests that Peter "petty grew," that he grew into a petty person who is rock-hard, with no compassion. Petty means (1) unimportant (2) minor (3) narrow-minded (4) mean and ungenerous, especially in small things. Another fan suggested Pettigrew is a version of "pet I grew," referring to the moment that he grew from a rat and back into a man by Remus Lupin and Sirius Black's wand zaps.

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