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Most of my days went by as usual. Tending to Mr. Fontaine's every need in both the office and at home. I did wonder at times how he got by at home on his own, literally beckoning me for every little thing.

It was either washing his clothes, finding his socks or even handing him his keys. I rolled my eyes, sometimes I felt more like his mother than a personal assistant.

I hummed a tune as I chewed down on the lid of my pen. My weary eyes trying their best to focus on the names written on the sheet of paper.

"Elisa?" I lifted my gaze and was met with a pair of giant, green eyes.

"Yes?" I asked not knowing who it was, though she was quite a petite, young lady. Her dark hair was swept to one side in a braid, over her blue printed dress.

"Oh so you're Darius' new PA, nice to meet you." She let out a hand.

I returned the gesture, my lips pursed as I wasn't sure if she was someone I was to know.

"You are?" I cleared my throat.

"Oh sorry, I just kinda waltz in and-"


Darius entered the hallway out of the elevator. His mask of a face always shielding his emotions with his etched frown and narrowed eyes were more than surprised to see the young woman in front of him.

"Darius!" She almost squealed and ran to the large man, only reaching up to his chest, she wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a tight hug.

The stoic man broke his usual demeanour and returned the gesture, my mouth was slightly agape as a wide smile appeared upon Mr. Fontaine's large lips. The lips that were always mocking me and showing me their hostility now embracing the pretty little thing around him.

"Good to see you too." His broad figure was towering over the cute, little thing in his arms and patted her back gently.

Darius' cool hazel eyes twinkled in bliss, though as they made their way passed Amanda, they narrowed once they saw the bewildered brown eyes of my own.

He cleared his throat and whispered something to the small woman. Before making his way towards me.

"Good morning, Mr. Fontaine." I shuffled slightly in my chair.

"Any calls?" He replied in a gruff tone and took a handful of letters in his name.

"Seriously Darius, this is how you treat her?"

Amanda's high pitched voice nearly shrieked at the man who winced at her tone.

"What?" He craned his neck to the side, I sighed as a stray strand of hair tickled its way over his ear. The urge to push it back was strong, but I refrained, he may sue me for harassment.

"A beautiful young lady," Amanda skipped behind him and flashed her open arms towards me. I sniggered behind my hands at her behaviour. "Who has just blessed you with a good morning," now leaning on her feet to reach his collar, she pulled it to the side so he could listen.

He scrunched his pointy nose in disgust, though his lips caused a slight puff in his cheeks. I let out a small breath, wanting to poke him with such need.

"Yet you ignore this gorgeous woman and ask if your clients have called. No wonder you're such a bore." She scoffed and slapped him on the back.

My eyes widened as I thought of his anger, shaking my head at the now laughing woman, though yet again I was surprised to see a small smile, wavering over his long, rich lips.

"And I suppose you have queues of people lined up for your company?" He arched one brow in amusement and ruffled the woman's hair. All the while I stared in shock at his endearment.

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