• Prologue •

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Over the past couple weeks, things have been rather reticent and Vince wondered why it was so. Though it was everything else that was quiet and not his Bedroom, for it was now filled with Emanuel's voice. Whispering, shouting, crying, moaning and calling out his name. It was all he could think about, and he wondered if his Superiors were still anywhere to be found. To just appear out of the blue, and demand that he end things.

He grew intensely weary of lying to Emanuel, and he was certain the truth would eventually come out one day. A day that he dreaded more than most, even if he was starting to feel amenity. Something he had longed to feel, and found it. A tranquility so peaceful, he wanted nothing more out of life than just that.

Just as Emanuel popped into his mind again, a blond woman with striking features, piercing green eyes and a beautiful body joined him on the pathway. She wore a full, gray, skin fitting jogging Suit. Fit with her iPod, strapped in a holster on her upper right arm.

"For a man who nearly died, you sure know how to keep up with a lady." The woman's sultry, British accent spoke and Vince chuckled. Casting her a suspicious gaze as he stood up straight.

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