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(chapter one.)


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If there was one thing Georgia didn't have in common with Percy Jackson, was his love of water.
The idea of swimming in it was fine, but the idea of getting out and trying to pry the clothes back into your body wasn't. Plus, she'd had to learn how to swim with one arm, which made the experience less than enjoyable.

So when she walked over to the sound of pegasi whinnies and camper chatter, she couldn't help but grimace at Annabeth — who was still sopping. She let herself glance away, noticing the three other campers to her left.

One looked of Hispanic descent, and he looked quite like a mischievous elf. He had curly hair, brown eyes, a slim build, and hands that kept fiddling with any random objects he managed to get his hands on.

The other had feathers in her hair, and was wearing a large snowboarding jacket along with some Timberlands. The girl was beautiful, but taking into account her sloppily cut hair and lack of makeup, it was almost as if she didn't want anyone to know.

The last was a blonde boy. He was wearing a purple shirt, had bright blue eyes, and he stood at above average height. If Georgia looked close enough, she could catch the remnants of a scar on his upper lip.

Not a moment later, campers surrounded them, using giant leaf blower device to dry them off.

"Annabeth!" Will Solace, head counselor of the Apollo cabin, pushed through the crowd. "I said you could borrow the chariot, not destroy it!"

"Will, I'm sorry," Annabeth sighed. "I'll get it fixed, I promise."

Georgia squeezed Annabeth's shoulder. "Will." He turned to her. "She's been through enough today, lay off, okay?"

Will, still annoyed and upset, scowled at his broken chariot. "Sorry." He muttered.

Then he sized up Piper, Leo, and Jason, like anyone would a new student at school. "These are the ones? Way older than thirteen. Why haven't they been
claimed already?"

"Claimed?" Leo asked.

Before Annabeth could explain, Will said, "Any sign of Percy?"

"No," Annabeth admitted.

"But you found them." Georgia nodded her head over to where the three teens were standing.

The campers muttered at this new information.

A girl, who Georgia recognized as Drew Tanaka, daughter of Aphrodite, stepped forward — she was tall, Asian, had dark hair in ringlets, plenty of jewelry, and perfect makeup. Somehow, on her, an orange T-shirt and jeans made her look modelesque. She glanced at Leo, and after a split second of question, fixed her eyes on Jason like he might be worthy of her attention, then curled her lip at Piper as if she was a piece of gum stuck to her shoe.

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