Chpater 55

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Alicia Clark.

I woke up and found out Elyza left with Morgan to go on a run without telling me herself or saying good bye! What if she dies out there and I never see her again, I can't believe her!

After I calm down a little bit I leave my room and wonder around "The kingdom" I go outside the gates. Even though "The Kingdom" is huge being in there makes me feel kind of suffocated.

I decided to walk around the woods a little bit. I have to kill a few infected while out there, luckily I brought a knife with me.

I don't now how far I've roamed from "The Kingdom" I've made a lot of twists and turns but I'm sure I can't find my way back.

"You should be roaming theses woods sweetheart." I hear a woman behind me say and then I hear a gun.

I turn around slowly and face a woman with short blonde hair.

"I'm Alicia." I say with a smile. I'm mean what else does a person say when a gun is pointing at them?

Her gun stays pointing directly at me.

"Well Alicia, I'm Carol. I assume you're from "The Kingdom". Come on in and I'll teach you a lesson about not roaming near my place."

I follow Carol into her house.

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