Part 31 - The Honda Center - The Red Line

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THERE IS NOTHING THAT SHOULD BE SWEETER than walking through the Honda Center, but all I can think of is Freddy

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THERE IS NOTHING THAT SHOULD BE SWEETER than walking through the Honda Center, but all I can think of is Freddy. I tried to call several times, but could not muster the courage to leave a voicemail. What do I say?

With a halfhearted smile, I flash my stage pass at the security team eagerly waiting to check my credentials before allowing me through. Before heading towards the stage, I stand for a moment and take in the emptiness and sheer volume of one of the biggest and premier venues in the country—650,000 square feet to be exact. I have been at this venue a handful of times when Soubusters opened up their first show. I remember how amazing it felt to be part of all the action in front and behind the scenes. Freddy was there the entire time walking me through every nook and cranny of this gigantic venue and I ate up every second of it.

"Modeus set for rehearsal on time?" The Sound Technician asks, interrupting me from my daydream.

"As far as I know," I say, looking down at my phone with the hope he will not press further.

The Sound Technician nods and moves past me to his next task.

Whew! I continue walking toward the front as the rest of the crew hustles about readying themselves for the big night. Running sound for this size arena is not easy and requires a small army who get a little cranky when things do not run on time.

The drummer for Soulbusters is to the side of the stage setting up for a quick change after Modeus is done. Stagehands, more sound technicians, managers and the like work their tails off to get ready for the show. Instead of reveling in a moment that should clearly be exciting, I am distracted and worried. I grab my phone for the hundredth time to call Freddy when I see a text from him:

Meet me where I made love to you.

My heart leaps from my chest. Frantically, I excuse myself from the pre-show drama and find my way to the dressing rooms. The one Freddy is referring to is the one we made love in for over 30 minutes before a maintenance guy caught us. Freddy gave the guy two hundred bucks to shut his mouth. He held my hand that night for the first time walking me through the enormous corridors. No one was around so it was safe to display this type of affection and play as though we were a couple, even if it were for just a short time.

The knots in my stomach tighten the closer I get to the dressing room in question... the sign 'Modeus' displays across the front. I lower my head and close my eyes. Of course, it's the one assigned to Modeus.

I walk through the door.

Freddy stands in the middle of the room with his back to me.

For a moment, I sink into the visual of his tall frame like a tall drink of water. "Hi," I say quietly, heart thumping so hard I feel the blood rush through my body.

Freddy turns around. His face is battered and bruised around the eyes. His hair is out of place and his beard has grown stubbly. This is not typical of Freddy who cannot be seen out in public without every hair in place.

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