Chapter 70

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The journey in had been quiet with Sam making comments which Connie responded to with glares. She wasn't sure if she was just fed up of him this morning, or if the realisation of telling work was putting her a little more on edge than normal.

They had made their way inside rather quickly, Connie noticing that she was becoming pushed for time to get to the meeting. Hansen was due in her office in ten minutes before they went to the board room for something she quite frankly wouldn't be paying much attention to. Sam glanced across at her as they made their way out of the lift along the quiet corridor.

He could sense the nervousness coming from her as she wrung her hands together keeping her gaze focused ahead. "It's going to be okay you know." "Hmm?" Sam stopped where he was taking her hands in his pulling her to a stand still. "Sam I've got to get-" "Stop for two seconds. Whatever they have to say isn't going to change this, change us, any of it. Okay?" 

Connie inhaled deeply before releasing her breath nervously. "I don't know why I'm so worked up, it's not like I've ever cared what they had to think about me before." Sam smirked causing her to roll her eyes attempting to move away. "Not so fast Beauchamp..." He pulled her back before pushing her towards the wall as he stepped closer.

With a playful glimmer in her eye she smirked as Sam moved his hands to her waist, his lips crashing down onto hers. Connie wrapped her arms around his neck loosely as he deepened the kiss, distracting her from what he knew was bothering her more than she cared to admit. Pushing a hand to his chest she put some space between them seeing the smile upon his face. "Don't start something you can't finish Strachan-" "Who said I couldn't finish it?" "Me." 

She smirked seeing the smile on his face before pushing him away properly. "Now leave me alone. Go annoy someone else until your shift starts-" "Not what I had planned Beauchamp-" "Well that's my plan. I'm pregnant not incapable." Sam smiled hearing her say it so loudly, noticing a nurse wondering by failing to hide their expression. "Come and find me after the meeting, let me know how it all goes."

Connie turned on her heel glancing back to him as she stepped through the doors. Sam could do nothing but watch her in total awe. Dropping his head backwards he groaned before wandering the opposite direction towards the staff room. She drove him crazy, but he would never change any aspect of what they had.

Her heels echoing across the department floor, she glanced to reception seeing multiple people standing about chatting idly. Pushing her hand into her pocket she knew that as soon as she stepped back out of those office doors, there would be a totally different topic on the table being discussed.

Pushing the office door open she was shocked to see Hansen already standing in the room waiting for her. "There was me thinking this was my office." "Mrs Beauchamp, no doubt you know why I'm here-" "To complain about something else?" Connie rounded the desk moving to place her bag down beside her desk, her hands holding onto her coat not quite able to bring herself to take it off just yet.

"Your, shall we call it relationship, with Mr Strachan." Connie rolled her eyes standing up, her hands on the back of her chair as she glared across at him. "Well, I've heard that the professionalism you're renowned for might not be what it used to." "Is there a point to this conversation because believe it or not, I do have other, more important things to be doing."

Connie levelled her eyes as he shuffled somewhat uncomfortably before flickering his eyes to the desk, then back to her. "What is your relation to Mr Strachan?" Releasing a heavy breath Connie shook her head beginning to gather a few files together. "I don't understand why that concerns you-" "Anything in this hospital concerns me." "Well what do you want to hear? I'm sleeping with him? We're in a relationship? It's nothing serious? Which one won't get me fired."

"Now let's not be hasty Mrs Beauchamp." Standing straight she moved her hands to her hips as she arched a brow. Removing her coat, she hung it over the back of her chair remaining behind it facing him. From this angle she knew he would be able to tell no difference just yet. "You're telling me, that nothing I say is going to come back and bite me when you tell the board?" 

"That isn't my intention Mrs Beauch-" "Good. Then I'm not coming to the meeting now-" She picked up a folder knowing that his expression was changing. "I'm sleeping with Mr Strachan, regularly if that makes a difference-" Connie finally moved backwards seeing his eyes dart across her before fixing on her once more. Refusing to show the smirk that threatened her face she walked around her desk. "And I'm pregnant, so I guess I should probably change my next of kin on my personnel file."

Henrik remained where he stood before turning to see her walk out of her office into the department. Several heads lifted seeing her wander out of the room, she could see those who noticed immediately and those who cowered returning to work. Ignoring it all, there was only one thing on her mind and that was to do whatever she could to piss off Hansen. 

Heels echoing across the department, she walked down the corridor snapping Sam's head up as she neared him. She felt the eyes of a few rest on her back until the corridor doors closed behind her. He noticed the familiar look behind her eyes, opening his mouth to speak but was instantly shut down as Connie reached for the sides of his shirt pulling him closer as her lips crashed into his. 

Sam was taken aback before she backed into the door leading off the corridor as his hands wandered across her body. "Aren't you meant to be in a meeting?" "Oh I'm sure Hansen will tell everyone everything they need to know." His hand moved over the rise of her stomach before he kissed her again, feeling the fire in his stomach build. Speaking against her lips, his words sounded muffled. "Don't start something you can't finish Mrs Beauchamp-" "Oh I fully intend to finish it Mr Strachan."

The sly smirk on her lips and glimmer of her eye reminded him of the woman he had met the many years ago when they started here. Pulling her closer by her hips he kissed her more desperately than before, his hands lowering as he lifted her up until she wrapped her legs around him. For once she let everything she normally fought so hard to ignore at work happen, not caring for what anyone said.

This was her, and as far as her last conversation went, this was her relationship with him. She knew by the time she walked back onto the department there wouldn't be a single face who hadn't heard some sort of rumour but she would put it all to bed. One thing she wasn't ashamed of was the child she was carrying and if it meant tearing down a few colleagues, she would enjoy putting them in their place. After all, it was one of the other things she was renowned for.

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