Chapter 69

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As another morning broke, Connie stood at the end of the bed looking at her reflection. Releasing a heavy sigh she frowned at the image staring back at her. Sam turned over in the bed, reaching an arm out, falling flat when he noticed she wasn't there. Lifting his head, his eyes squinting at the light from the corner of the room. "Con?"

He received no answer, it seemed she was transfixed by something. Sitting forwards he saw her staring into the mirror, totally unfazed by anything he said. Pushing himself up from the bed he wandered around to where she stood, moving his arms around her waist. "Connie what's wrong?" She immediately pushed his arms from where they rest causing him to step back with a frown.

"Look at me-" "I am... And I'm not seeing your point?" Connie turned to the side before pointing to her stomach. "How the hell am I supposed to hide this?" Sam scoffed, before a smile came to his face slowly replaced by an entertained frown. "Where did that come from? I'm sure you weren't that big yesterday-" "Thanks." "Not what I meant." 

She shook her head dismissing the comment before facing the mirror again. "Everything is too tight, and it's not just my stomach-" "I know-" She turned her glare on him causing him to shift uncomfortably as he stumbled. "I mean, it's not really such a bad thing is it?" "For you, maybe not, but I'd rather not have several other junior doctors, and not to mention senior staff staring at me all day." Sam considered it, quickly nodding in agreement before stepping closer.

He encased her once more, much to her disapproval as he rest his chin on her shoulder. "I think you look beautiful still, if that counts for anything." Connie's expression relaxed as she placed her hands above his. "Normally it would, but right now no." He smiled moving to kiss her neck causing her to lean into his chest. "Saaaaam, I'm already late-" "Then get dressed, because you standing there in your underwear is not helping me." 

Connie smirked keeping her hands on his as she lifted them to the prominent bump stopping his advances. "I guess I best get used to no longer living in a bubble." Sam smiled encouragingly as she inhaled deeply leaning into the comfort of his chest. "You always said we'd do this when it was impossible to hide... I guess it's time." She nodded meeting his eyes on the mirror seeing the subdued happiness in them.

"I'm going to shower, let you get dressed." Connie nodded as Sam loosened his hold on her waist. Turning briefly she met his lips softly, his thumb caressing her cheek. "I love you." Connie tried hiding the smile but failed miserably. "I guess I love you too..." Sam began to wander towards the bathroom while she stepped to the wardrobe. 

Appearing around the wall once more, Connie's attention was snapped up. "Oh and do me a favour? Where the tight black one, it looked good before parts of you grew-" "Sam." The tone of her voice warned him off as he smirked disappearing from the room. Shaking her head with a roll of her eyes, she opened the door of the wardrobe moving through several outfits.

As he came out of the bathroom, a towel around his waist, Connie sat at the dressing table finishing off her hair. It hung in curls around her shoulders as she noticed him moving behind her. "What time do you start?" "Not until 11." Twisting on the chair she looked to him with a shrug. "So why you getting ready now?" He finished getting changed before crossing the room to her.

"Do you really think I'm going to let you face the Swede alone?" "Mr Hansen-" "Yeah whatever, same guy." Connie narrowed her gaze before he disappeared back towards the bathroom while she grabbed some shoes from the wardrobe. Standing back up, she slipped her feet into the heels before effortlessly crossing the bedroom before wandering downstairs.

Sam was already in the kitchen making a cup of coffee as he heard her heels echoing across the laminate flooring. "You're five months pregnant, tell me you plan on giving those up soon." She stopped in her tracks looking down at her feet with a shrug. "I can walk-" "Not the point." She moved towards the living room picking up her bag before placing it on the kitchen counter.

He turned to hand her a mug finally catching a proper look at her. Standing somewhat speechless, he dropped his eyes over her which didn't go unnoticed by her. Connie swallowed her mouthful groaning before looking to him. "Is it that bad?" "What? No!? I can't believe how incredible you look." 

Arching a brow she looked to him suspiciously as he walked towards her. "Honestly, Connie you look fine. I see you went with the black dress-" "Yeah not for your benefit. It was one of the only thing stretchy enough to fit." He laughed taking hold of her hand as she frowned at him. "I hate you-" "You don't mean that." He moved his hands to hold onto her arms gently as she dropped her head backwards.

Moving her gaze back down to his he smiled making it obvious as he looked over her body once more. "Get it out of your system now because if you do this at work, I will castrate you." Sam held his hands up quickly causing her to roll her eyes, turning her back to him. He quickly stepped closer, hitting her bum before side stepping away as her head darted up to glare at him. "Try me Strachan-" "Oh trust me, I will."

Her glare didn't ease as she returned to packing her bag before moving to pick up her coat. Tying the coat at her waist, she picked up her bag looking across the kitchen as Sam bit into the slice of toast. "You coming or are you walking?" She arched a brow as he was yet to respond before she turned walking out of the house leaving. Sam held the toast between his teeth as he grabbed his phone and keys from the side running along the hall after her. He was no fortune teller, but he knew this was going to be one hell of a day.

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