Chapter 68

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Connie wandered in through the front door letting it shut heavily before dropping her bag to the floor beside the wall. She winced stepping forwards before pausing, leaning her hands against the wall as she kicked off her heels. Releasing a breath she wandered through the hall lifting a hand to gently rub at her neck. 

After pulling a double shift she was beginning to regret her decision as she felt the tiredness hit her. Moving her other hand to the bump she was beginning to notice, she groaned internally at the thought of having to go into work the next day. As she walked past the kitchen she felt a pair of eyes resting on her from the doors down into the garden.

Without turning back, she pointed a finger his direction continuing to walk. "Don't." He smirked resting against the wall as she wandered into the living room sitting herself down on the sofa quickly lifting her legs as she lay back. "Good day?" "If you're going to be sarcastic why don't you just piss off home?" 

Connie lifted her hands to her face as Sam arched a brow stepping inside. Slipping his phone onto the side he wandered across the kitchen until he knelt beside the sofa looking to Connie. She kept her hands over her face feeling him beside her as she released a heavy breath. Groaning she turned her head to the side to see him watching her, both amused and concerned.

"You okay?" Nodding gently, she let her head roll back so she was once again staring at the ceiling. Sam stretched a hand out laying it to her stomach carefully causing her to turn back to him. "Sure?" Dropping a hand to cover his she inhaled deeply frowning a little. "Just tired... Stressed out-" "You could have let me stay on and help." Shaking her head she sensed her vision blurring briefly. Before she could stop it, a stray tear rolled down her cheek.

Sam instantly sat up, moving to perch on the edge of the sofa running a hand across her cheek. "Connie what's happened?" "Nothing, I just hate not being able to work like I used to. It's my department, it's my responsibility to cover it and stop the shortages. But I'm just so tired." "Nobody expects you to be superwoman, especially when you're pregnant-" "Yes but nobody knows about that, do they?"

Connie used the last strength she had to sit herself up, Sam resting a hand against the small of her back. "All good?" Taking another deep breath she nodded pushing a smile onto her face. "Hormones-" "Oh of course, wouldn't expect you to actually show any emotion Mrs Beauchamp..." Sam muttered as he wandered off towards the kitchen but when there was no remark from her, he spun back to look at her.

She sat with a look on her face that he had never quite seen, pain and upset written across it. "Woah, Con I was only jok-" "Like you said, I don't tend to show emotion Mr Strachan. Why start now?" He glared at her as she stood up with a smirk. "I really dislike you." "Feelings mutual." She forced a sarcastic grin as he moved towards the oven.

Connie got herself a cold glass of water, the heat of the late afternoon still lingering in the air. "You didn't have to cook dinner, you could have had a nice quiet evening in your own bed-" "And miss the lively conversations with you?" Rolling her eyes she continued to sip at her water before moving closer to look over his shoulder. "Whatever it is smells good..." She slipped beneath his arm to lean into his side as he glanced to her subtly with a smile.

"There's still another half hour for this, fancy sitting in the sun?" "I can't for too long, it's not good for me or the baby after the day I've had." Sam nodded before leading the way outside, glancing to her feet seeing them bare. Arching a brow she moved a hand to her hip glaring at him making him refuse to speak the words in his mind. Instead, he passed her a glass of wine which she was about to comment on before he lifted her off her feet.

Connie squealed before moving an arm around his neck as he comfortably carried her down the stairs from the glass doors into the garden. She laughed as they reached the decking below, Sam continuing to carry her towards the gazebo at the other end of the garden. "You know I'm capable of walking?" He smiled as he placed her down so that she stood before him. Taking the glasses from her hands he placed them on the table, returning to his previous position.

He noticed the considerable height difference between them raising a smile on his face. Connie stepped closer leaning up to push her lips to his, his arms reaching around her waist as she did so. Breaking from his lips, she took a deep breath grabbing her glass of water before sitting down on the cushioned bench.

Sam quickly sat beside her, his arm reaching around her before she leaned into his chest. The weather was still humid and the skies were bright despite the evening approaching them. "This is gorgeous, barely looks used." "That's because it is- barely used I mean... I don't have the time to sit out here and just, do nothing." 

Twisting to face her gently she lifted her head to look at him. "Well. Guess what we're doing, every Friday night whether it's sunny or not." "Sam don't be ridiculous-" "I'm not. Promise me, that every Friday, we'll sit right here... And stop thinking about everything. Just for one night." Connie looked off down the garden before shutting her eyes briefly. "Okay." Looking back to him he ran a hand through her hair. "But tell anyone I'm beginning to cave into letting you make decisions and I'll make sure you never smile again."

Sam watched on amused as she cuddled back into his chest. "Whatever you say boss." Connie hit his chest playfully before he ran began running his fingers through her hair. "Besides... I could get used to this." "Well you better do. You agreed to live with me, remember?" "How could I ever forget." He laughed reaching for her hand, lacing his fingers with hers while she finally relaxed. 

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