My Birthday Bitch

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Chapter 2
Friday- two weeks later
9:10 am

I woke up with the sun in my eyes and the sound of birds chirping, as annoying as that was I didn't care because nothing could annoy me today. Today is my birthday, and my sweet sixteen party was going to be held later in the night.

"Honey the girls are here," my mom said through the locked door.

Tiffany, Shannakay and Aneliz had decided to miss school today so we could prepare for my party.

I pushed myself into a sitting position and swung my legs over the side of the bed allowing myself to get up. Still in a morning daze I just stood there looking around.

"Happy birthday," Tiff sang as she opened my door.

I giggled and went over to my vanity set. I sat down and ran a brush through my hair. I got up and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

I took off my sleepwear and took a quick shower before putting on my deep blue bra and matching underwear and put on my robe over it. I exited the and meet my friends on the stairs.

"Where are your dresses?" I asked as we walked down to the kitchen.

"My mom is bringing over our stuff," Shanna answered.

I went into the kitchen and smiled as I saw my birthday breakfast. "All of my favorites." I picked up plates and handed it to the girls. "Help yourselves." I piled my plate with fruits first and then blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast. I poured myself orange juice and I waited for the girls so we could eat together.


"Ugh I'm so full," Tiffany dramatically threw herself on the floor and gripped her stomach.

"Thank Sam," I answered.

"Get up," Aneliz commanded as she kicked Tiffany lightly.

Everyone ignored her and I was about to doze off when she said, "Guys we have to start getting ready it's almost 11."

I groaned getting up and helped everyone else up. We went up to my room and I gave them towels, rags and a robe. "You know where to go and who to call if anything happens. Don't take too long though." They nodded and we went our separate ways.

I went in my bathroom and took off my underwear and bra. I got in the shower washed my hair and washed off. I dried off and put on a different bra and underwear. I then called Sam to do my hair and makeup. When she was finally done I looked admired myself in my mirror, she had put my hair in a high side bun with curled strands hanging out in my face and as for my makeup it was a gorgeous, sparkly eye look with a Egyptian liner.

12:00 pm

The girls had returned from their showers and were getting their hair and makeup done. Since I wasn't busy I pulled out my phone and checked my 50 missed calls and 30 text messages.

Five were from my mom and I texted her asking what's up.

Two were from my on and off again boyfriend Kendal

Forty were from different people going to my party; I called them back and answered their questions.

One was from the place I booked my party at and I quickly called back making sure everything was okay.

And two were from the decorators.

I checked my text messages and:

Twenty-Five were from more people attending my party.

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