Chapter Thirteen 

The second our lips touched, I felt an indescribable wave of pleasure that shot through out my whole body, electrocuting every blood cell that it touched. I would have gasped at the enduring force if his lips hadn’t captured my voice. I was sure I had never felt anything this pleasing. Yet as fulling as it was, it also left me desperate for more. I couldn’t seem to get enough and just knowing that I would eventually have to pull back to breath send my brain in denial.

Maybe this once I wouldn’t have to breath.

I dropped my bag and climbed into his lap, never breaking the kiss. All my thoughts were thrown out the window and my common sense didn’t exist.

What was my name again?

I didn’t know.

All I knew was the outline of Blade's lips. His smell, his eyes, his touch. It was like a poem to me. A poem that I knew by heart, mind and soul.

Our lips played games together. Games that I never even thought I knew.

My arms went around his neck and his gripped my waist. My fingers tangled in his thick brown hair and it only made the kiss more passionate. My mind refused to believe that this was as close as we can physically possibly get.
I needed to be closer.

He pulled back to breath for half a second and his lips were back on mine. My back rested on the steering wheel as he worked his magic.
We surveyed each others resistance and need. Our moist bodies now laced with sweat and we pulled back, breathing hard and rested our forehead against each other.

“You've got talent,” He choked out.

I smirked,” Than lets not let it go to waste.”

Soon, I forgot about needing to breath and focused on moving my lips in sync with his. He bit my bottom lip genitally as if demanding entrance. Without a second thought, I let him through.

The kiss became more heated by the minute and I lost track of time. All that was going through my head was how long I've been wanting to do this without even knowing.

It seemed impossible to me now, that I've gone so long without feeling this captivating pleasure. My body literally buzzed with enthrall and compulsion.

His conjuring lips traveled down my face until reaching their desired destination.

His hands grasped my waist with more compressibility and I found myself liking it. It added more to the needy atmosphere.

My body, as heated as it already was, grew hotter by the second. I didn’t care if being this deprived was healthy or not, nor did I care.

A loud BEEP startled us and caused us both to jump up. We looked around frantically searching for the originator that interrupted us. I soon realized it was the steering wheel that I was resting on.

“It was just the steering wheel,” I muttered, regaining my breath.

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