"I wish I could hold you, till we were both dead!" I tried with all my might to put as much bitterness as I could to get more into Catherine's

character. It was hard to though under the bright spotlights of the stage to feel anything except nervous. I took a breath to start my next


"I shouldn't cared what you suffered. I care nothing for your sufferings. Why shouldn't you suffer?" I hardened my expression. "I do!"

My voice echoed throughout the theater.

"Will be happy when I am in the earth?" I narrowed my eyes. "Will you say 20 years

hence, "That's the grave of Catherine Earnshaw? I loved her long ago, and as wretched to lose her, but it is past. I've loved many others

since, my children are dearer than she was, and, at death, I shall be sorry to leave them!" Will you say so Heathcliff? I screamed.

"Thank you Miss Durbin. You may be seated." The director said.

God, I hope I get the part in this year's play. I worked so hard on my try out. Every one said I was a shoe in, but I knew different. Emily

Coughman and Amelia Chervie still had to try out and I knew, just knew, they'd probably be great. I was right, but there was always

tomorrow. I mean that's when the parts where announced. Deep breaths Durbin. Just relax.

I went out to my car just as Amelia was going up onto the stage. I drove home silently wishing for me to get the part.

I woke up the next morning feeling like I'd barely slept at all. I growled. Stupid damn older brother blaring his stupid damn music. I absolutely hate that stupid pop shit he listens too. I dragged myself out of bed.

"Need coffee." I mumbled.

I walked down the hallway banging my fist against Jason's door until he opened it.

"Turn it down!" I screamed at him.

"Well, isn't my little sissy a bitch without her morning coffee." Jason smirked at me. I glared at him and went down stairs.

"Think you could drag your feet a little more sis?"

"Coffee!" I rushed to the coffee pot ignoring his comment.

I quickly grabbed my cup. It's a big yellow one with a smiley face that had a bullet wound in its forehead. I poured the sweet, sweet warm liquid that kept me going throughout the day. I took a big sip from my cup feeling it go down my throat sending warmth into my body. Jason gagged.

"I don't know how you drink that straight."

"It's really simple, I think it tastes good." I gulped down the whole cup then. I started to pour another cup when my dad swooped in and stole the coffee pot. "Daddy!"

"Sorry pumpkin I'm in a rush." He poured some coffee in his travel cup. That's the one thing my father and I have in common, black coffee.

I pouted. "If you went to bed earlier you wouldn't have to rush."

"C don't start this morning." He closed his eyes. "I actually was at a business meeting last night."

"Sure, sure. Have fun at work." I kissed his cheek. "Love you."

You see my father has had a problem since my mother divorced him. He has a tendency to stay out with many, many women every night. It probably was because he was the perfect husband and she just up and left, but whatever. I've stopped caring really about my mother so, that leaves me acting like the parental figure to my father. A definite switch of roles in my fam.

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