🔱 Chapter Eleven 🔱

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This is also severely not edited so watch out for a ton of mistakes.


Everyone except Evera took a seat at the large round table that somehow fit seamlessly in the middle of the small kitchen. There weren't enough chairs for everyone so Evera had to take some stools from the living for them to sit on. Quinn and Sylvan being the gentlemen they were offered to sit on the stools while the girls sat on the chairs.

"You don't know how happy I am that all of you are here. It's been so long since anyone came to visit I thought I had been forgotten." Evera sipped her tea and gave each of them an exuberant look. "You will stay for a while won't you?" she gave them another look, but this time her eye were pleading, begging for them to say yes.

Abidah wasn't sure what she was going to do. Yes, they could stay here and lay low until the bodyguards returned and yes, they could stay, come up with a plan and try to figure out what they should do from here on out. But, could this Evera lady be trusted. Abidah wasn't about to spill her guts out to this woman but she had feeling that if they stayed she would begin to pry and that Abidah didn't want. Plus there were those cryptic words she had spoken to Abidah when she had fainted in the glade.

This woman was strange. From the way she dressed to the way she spoke Abidah knew that whoever she was she wasn't human and that meant they had to tread lightly where she was concerned.

Abidah looked to Adam to see what he was doing but he too was eyeing Evera with uncertain eyes. Sylvan and Maurie were too busy wolfing down the food on the table to notice the sudden tension in the room.

"Wow! Evera, you really know how to cook. This is the best thing I've eaten in days." Maurie grabbed a cookie from the batch on the table and stuffed it in her mouth. "I could get used to this." She mumbled around the bite.

Sylvan was agreeing to everything that Maurie was saying, his mouth was too preoccupied with eating so he just nodded his head or hummed a yes.

"I'm glad you like it, it's a recipe of my own creation." Said Evera, her face beaming.

"Well it looks like I'm going to have to steal that recipe from you seeing as I love it so much." Said Sylvan who had swallowed the last of what was in his plate and stretching over to pour a glass of water for himself.

"You wouldn't dare." Said Evera in mock horror, her eyes wide and a hand placed on her chest for dramatic effect.

"Oh, but I would, I really would dear Evera, that is, of course if I don't steal you first." Replied Sylvan with a cheeky smile. Adam grunted, shifted on the stool then stuffed some food into his mouth a bit roughly.

Abidah watched as he almost choked when the fork went a little too far. She could hardly stifle her laugh and had to cover her mouth as small bursts escaped her mouth. Realizing that his little slip up hadn't gone unnoticed the older prince lifted his eyes to her direction and gave her a withering look, this only made Abidah laugh more.

"Hey, what's so funny?" Maurie was looking between Abidah and Adam, her brows scrunched up in confusion. Abidah was still laughing but she calmed down enough to answer.

"Oh it was nothing, Adam just had a little trouble with his fork and I found it quite amusing." Maurie still looked confused but Abidah didn't feel like she wanted to elaborate. Then Abidah's eyes turned to Evera and realized she was smiling at Adam, it looked like she too had seen what had occurred, however, she didn't say anything she just smiled.

If looks could kill Abidah was sure she would have been dead by now because the chilling glare that she was receiving was two minutes away from turning her into a Popsicle. Shifting his gaze from her Adam went back to his food but in his anger he speared his meal too hard and the fork slipped out of his hand smacking him right in the forehead. This time everyone sitting at the table saw it and laughter exploded as soon as the fork landed back on the table.

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