§Chapter 11§

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I groaned and sat up.
"You're going to be late Iva! Its Friday! Last day of the week!"
I huffed and got out of bed.
"Mom do I have too?"
"What's up with you? You usually like school."
"Bad feeling. And I'm tired."
In reality. I knew why I didn't want to go. It was Seth. After the conversation yesterday, he seemed thoughtful, and he was gone when I woke up a few hours later.
"Okay so as I'm sure you've noticed. We have a new student. Seth, introduce yourself."
"Hey I'm Seth. I'm from down, South. I've got a photographic memory and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all."
I rolled my eyes. Of course he did this.
"Because there is a new student we are going to do ice breakers. So here's the papers and have fun."
I groaned as he walked over. I picked up my sheet and looked over the questions. Pets, 5+ siblings, blue eyes, loves to read/write. I can't believe this! Its like I was the answer to every one of these questions. I looked around and saw Seth smirk. You have got to be kidding me.

"Hi. I was wondering if any of these fit you."

I glared at him and he sat down. I took the end of my pencil and pointed to the ones that I knew were accurate. He grinned and marked a couple things down on my paper. I looked them over as he walked away. Has younger sibling, only child.  Well that was contradictory. I got up and looked around for him. 

"Hey Iva! You have five siblings right? And a dog right? Hey you have blue eyes too."

"Yes to all of that Jenna. And by the looks of it you have one left."

"Yeah! Do you know anyone who loves to write or read?"

"Also me."

"Great! Thanks Iva!"

I nodded and turned around to see Seth right behind me. I jumped and took a step back.

"Don't sneak up on me like that! And what the hell does this mean?"

I pointed at my paper and he looked at it. He looked back at me and smiled sadly. 

"It means, I had a little brother. And he died. So now I'm an only child."

"Oh my g-. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to-"

He put a hand on my shoulder and leaned closer to me.

"You didn't know. Its fine. That's what this is for, so you can get to know me."

I smiled lightly and looked away. He cleared his throat and leaned away from me. 

"Uh, can I sit with you and your friends at lunch? I don't know anybody."

I chuckled and nodded as the bell rang.


He sat down across from me as I picked up my fork. Ben sat down next to me.

"Hey Iva. Who is this?"

"This is Seth. He's new. I am allowing him to sit with us."

"Oh Iva, I think you're too nice to not let me sit with you."

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