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The moment didn't last long. We were interrupted by a loud crash at the door. My grip around Oswald's hand tightened, and he sucked in a short breath.

"Go into the bathroom," he told me, "now. Right now, Ed."

I had no idea of what could've been going on. I wanted nothing more than to protect Oswald, though. He seemed like he knew what was happening, but what if he can't be safe?

As if he were reading my mind, Oswald reponded, "I'll be safe, I promise." I got up, planted a quick kiss on Penguin's hair, and hesitantly rushed to the bathroom. A distinctive voice echoed through the room outside- Barbara's.

"I told you to leave Gotham, Cobblepot. Why are you still here? Nobody wants you here. Get the hell out of this scrubby apartment that you've been cowarding in forever and leave this goddamn city! I'm the new queen of Gotham, and I can't risk your existence."

"First of all," Oswald started, "you could've just knocked instead of breaking down the door. Rude. Second of all, I'm not leaving. And lastly, my dear Ms. Kean, there is somebody who cares about me. And I wouldn't trade him for the world. Not for your money, not because of your threats, nothing." Oswald glanced in my direction.

I could see them partially through the crack of the door. Barbara wore a dark blue evening skirt that she placed her gloved hand on.

"You wouldn't trade him... Nygma? He's the one who shot you, and you're staying for that freak?"


"Wait... He's here, isn't he? NYGMA! Where are you?! Don't reveal yourself, and this bird loses his head, yeah?" She held a gun -pointed at him- in one hand, and... My knife in the other, soon pressed against his throat.

I looked around desperately for some sort of weapon, but there isn't anything. Breaking the mirror would just cause panic.

"I'm right here," I said, walking out of the bathroom with my hands up.

"Ed," Oswald said, "Ed, no!"

"Eddie!" Barbara exclaimed. "May I have a word with you?"

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