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Chapter 2: Meeting new people

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Well Liam and i finally finished picking up all my stuff that Clarissa made me drop. " Look that is where you go when the 4th period bell rings, that is the cafeteria" Liam told me pointing to some huge double doors. " HI Liam! who is this girl?" said a little girl who was as adorable as a button. "This is Anieese, she is new at this school. Anieese, this is Jamie  my friend Louis's little sister" Liam said introducing me to her. "Hi, it is a pleasure to meet you, but I must go I have to go find Louis" Jamie  said shaking my hand and skipping down the hallway looking for her brother. " She is so Adorable" i told Liam. "yeah she is, she is like my own little sister" he said lookin straight  at me.

   "Well this is room 24C, I guess I will see you around school? oh and would you like to eat lunch with me and my friends?" Liam said handing me my stuff. "Yes, I would be happy to join you, see you then" I said as I dissapeared behind the door. My heart was pounding fast. Then i realized everyone was starring at me when i walked in the room. "um, Hi. My name is Anise Robinson and I am new here to DIrect International Preprartory " I walked over to the teacher and asked where my seat was. "Go sit behind Becky, she'll get you started on todays work. Becky raise your hand. Anieese will be your new lab partner." He said while still looking at the computer and typing."Uhm sir. I didn't get your name" I said while walking towards Becky. " My Name is Mr. GarBeez, And I am your Science Proffesor" He ignorantly said with a frustrated look on his face.

     As I walked to the back many people stared at me. Was it because how I looked? Was it because my hair was a different color than everybody else's? I quickly got off that topic when i sat down. "Hi, I am Becky Carter. Looks like your my new lab partner, whats your name?" Becky said while looking after helping me get organized. "My name is Anieese Robinson" I said with a Smile on my face. "So Anieese have you seen any boys who you fancy so far?" she said with an enthusiastic voice. "Well there is the guy who helped me get my stuff together after a gir named Clarissa pushed me down" I said looking down at the ground. "And do you know the guys name?" she said getting very curious. "Well his Name is Liam-" I tryed to finish my sentence but she cit me off. "Now Way! Liam? does he have brown eyes? did a little girl come up to him named Jamie?" she said like if she had been feaking out. "haha. yes,yes, and yes. He told me to sit with him and his friends to day at lunch. Why? Do you know Liam?" I said looking straight at her. "Yes, i know him he is one of my boyfriend Niall's bestfriends. Looks like your sitting with us today at lunch. I think Liam might fancy you too, because he never asks any girl to eat lunch with him... and he is single" she said giving me a look that showed me she was about to do something. " He is single. Well I don't really think I am his type of girl" I said in rush. "Oh. Hush! you are totally His type. I mean he never asks a girl to sit at our table.. and the odds are that you have been the first girl he fancied for the past 2 years" she said getting in such detail. "really? wow hmm, I guess I can think about what your telling me." i said. Then the bell rand for 2nd period, we all rushed out of Mr. GarBeez class.

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