Elizabeth Blackmore as Cora Spur! (Picture should be above)

{Scarlett's POV}

He looked in my eyes with an intense emotion I couldn't quite grasp. As he leaned closer my heart leaped within my chest. His lips were centimeters from mine. I wanted him to just let go and smash his lips with mine, but he hesitated stopping. If I were to talk, my lips would brush against his.

I was about to give up and close the gap when I heard a high pitch squeal. I looked seeing a girl with an excited look making her way towards us. Christian let out a growl of annoyance and turned seeing her too. That's why he hesitated... he heard her coming.

"Cora? What are you doing here?" He asked. He knew her?

"I knew it! I just knew it! Father told me you found your mate! I knew it would happen! Oh, Christian, I'm so happy for you!" She said with a thick accent throwing her arms around him. She's his sister?

"How rude of me!" She gasped pulling away from him and gave me a big grin.

"I'm Cora, this brat's sister." She said sticking her hand out and I smiled, shaking it.

"Scarlett." I replied and she looked to Christian.

"She's gorgeous." I blushed looking down. "I know." Christian said pulling me to him.

I looked up and she had a huge smirk on her face.

"We have to go shopping! I want to get to know my future sister in law!" That actually sounds fun, but I have no money.

"That's a great idea. I have to meet with some people tonight to establish a certain meeting." Christian said and my eyebrows raised, meeting? "I'm getting all packs together, think of it as a huge ball. Im announcing you as my mate and future Queen." Great, another thing to be nervous about.

He dug into his back pocket pulling out his wallet and handed me a gold card.

"Take it and buy whatever you desire. I mean it." He said and I shook my head pushing it back to him.

"I couldn't." I said and he just gave me a small grin.

"I'm not taking no for an answer, and just to show you that..." he handed the card to Cora and she squealed once more.

"Girl's day out! Come on!" She said grabbing my arm.

"She's changing first!" he called out and she laughed.

"Of course your majesty." She mocked heading up the stairs.

I groaned for the fifth time, six hours of shopping. SIX. "Is all this necessary?" I asked Cora, looking at all the bags.

"Obviously." We were walking around the huge—with also very expensive brand stores— mall.

"I'm hungry and tired." I complained.

"Christian sent me two things to get you, and that's all we have left." She said and I sighed, of course he did.

"What are they?" I asked.

"A phone and a ball gown."

"But we've already spent so much." Doing so made me cringe every time she swiped the card greedily.

"Please, you probably didn't even make a dent into his account. To him you took a penny out." Goddess, how much money does he have?

We walked into a store that held beautiful gowns.

"They're so so expensive." I whispered to her.

"That's the point!" She whispered back with a laugh. Later she pushed me into a dressing room with a couple different dresses.

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