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Emyli's POV

'I got three yeses!' I screamed and jumped up and down with two of my best friends Isabel and Emily.

'Well done!' they shrieked back and we all hugged, still jumping up and down. As we left the studio I got a text from an unknown number.

'Hey Emyli, hope it went okay,love Harry the curly haired boy ;) xxx'

'Thanks same to you, Emyli xxx' I replied, smiling and thinking back to the said curly haired, green eyed, Holmes Chapel boy I'd met this morning while waiting to audition for the X-Factor.

'Texting Haz?' Izzy winked, using the nickname I'd already established for him.

'Of course, they were flirting since we got there!' Emily teased

'We weren't flirting! He has a girlfriend back home, she's called Logan,' I sighed

'Oh whatever,' they grinned


I can't believe I'd got through Bootcamp. I tried to hide my smile as I hugged Harry goodbye as well as my other friend I'd met; a cute, blonde haired, Irish boy. They both hadn't made it through meaning I'd be going through to the Judges Houses and hopefully Live Shows with no-one i knew.

'I'll miss you,' I told him

'I'll miss you too, so much. Text me!' he insisted. They both left and I was left stood alone. I smiled at a familiar looking boy with brown side-swept hair who looked around my age and he smiled back sadly.

I was waiting on my ride home when Harry and the Irish boy, Niall, both almost ran back in behind each other

'What's up?' I asked them

'They want us back, filming or something,' Niall explained as him, Harry, the familiar looking brown haired boy, two other boys and four girls were led back up towards the stage. It was about ten minutes later they all came running back. Harry was squashed between two of the boys and all the boys had arms around each other. He instantly let go of them all and ran over, hugging me and spinning me round.

'We got in! They put us in a group! I'm going through!' he grinned excitedly. Niall hugged me as well and i was introduced to their bandmates, Liam, Louis and Zayn. I walked outside with the five of them, my hand on Harry's arm, almost squealing in excitement.

A youngish girl approached us, she looked about 14 or 15, with wavy brunette hair.Her style sense was cute, a blue and pink rose print skirt with pink tights, a pink camisole and blue cardigan and she had on a pair on ballet flats. As she got nearer i saw she had bright blue eyes and when she grinned a flash on blue and pink braces.

'Harry!' she grinned and skipped over to him

'Logan!' he replied, wrapping his arms tightly around her and kissing her gently. Louis coughed loudly a few minutes later and they broke apart and a light blush spread across her cheeks.

'Guys this is my girlfriend Logan,' Harry told us, staring at her dreamily. He was totally whipped for her and my heart felt like it broke but I don't know why.


I held back my tears until I got home. When you're sixteen and get halfway there but then its just stopped, well its not good. My dad hugged me tightly and i blinked back my tears. I told him I was going to my room as the tears began to pour. I felt so low, like i'd let my mum down. She was a singer and adored music. She'd taught me guitar, piano and singing from when i could talk up until she died five years ago while she was pregnant with my little sister or brother who also lost their life. She was so musical and my inspiration.I cried for that reason, and because I wasnt in the live shows but for some reason I cried mostly when my mind drifted to Harry, who I would never see again. I'd googled the other boys but I could only find Liam and Louis on YouTube. Liam auditioned two years ago and Louis had posted a cover. If Zayn was as good as the other four which I'm assuming he was then they were definitely going far. I was not going to be seeing that boy again and i doubt he'd recognise me.


A year later I was moving on. On the X-Factor I'd had waist length,dark brown, curly hair and wore jeans, shorts and vintage style tops. Now I had definitely changed, for the better. My hair was now bright red with layers cute in up to my shoulders and straightened most day. My stlyes changed as well, switching the jeans for skirts and dresses in brighter colours and sometimes slightly crazy. I twirled once and smoothed my hair before taking my phone and scrolling through my contacts. I took a deep breath as I pressed the Delete button. I wasn't going to think about that curly haired boy anymore. We'd become so close and met up occasionally. It took me all this time to realise I loved him and that realization almost scared me. I was only 17 and he was still with Logan. They were head over heels for each other and I couldn't get in the way, not like I almost had. I'd almost ruined it for him by that mistake when I'd gone over to his. His Facebook, Twitter and number were blocked and I felt bad about it but I'd done the same for all the boys and Logan. I didn't want any way for him to contact me, then I'd forget about him. Wouldnt I?

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