50 facts

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My name is Michelle

my nickname is Shelly

I like to draw

I'm 13 years old

My birthday is on november 11

I am panromantic

I am Mexican

I have a huge family 

My favorite foods are tamales and pozole

My best friend is Jessica

I am in 8th grade

My favorite colors are purple, blue and green

my favorite ships are:












My favorite shows/animes are:

Star vs the Forces of Evil

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Beyblade: Burst

Daina and Akira are my favorite characters in Beyblade

Marco is my favorite from SVTFOE

Lance and Pidge are my favorite from VLD

i am VERY sensitive 

I will cry for anything

I am short 4 '11"

I have been told that I dress more like a boy

I play the clarinet

I love chocolate

I love ice cream

I have an IQ of over 130

which means I am in a "gifted" class

that doesn't mean I'm smarter than everyone else

I am a normal girl wih a normal life

I am afraid of heights

I hate roller coasters

I have never thought of suicide 

I speak spanish, english, and I am learning french

I want to get a major in graphic design and be a multimedia animator

I love cats

I lived in Mexico for around a year 

and.... I love you guys!!!

If anything bad would happen to you guys I would be sad...

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